“In the Spiderweb of Secret Services – Why were Olof Palme, Uwe Barschel and William Colby murdered?”

“In the Spiderweb of Secret Services – Why were Olof Palme, Uwe Barschel and William Colby murdered?”

by Dr Barbara Hug

Even the book title suggests that the writing team will show a closer relationship between the three political killings – which are not officially recognised as such. Of course, publications on U. Barschel and O. Palme are not rare, on the contrary. But they are, with greater temporal distance to their death, substantively occupied with an increased density of facts, with a knowledge that was able to penetrate only in the course of time to the surface, because they have a considerable explosive force. Today, the educated public can no longer be held out with questionable suicide theses or even more questionable individual perpetrators.
Someone who is interested in the current tense world situation and who still believes that war and terrorism are not a suitable response to conflicts, should observe exactly the recent history of Germany, Sweden, NATO, Stay Behind and the international arms trade. Not only that Barschel, Palme and Colby are only a few in the suspected series of political murders, – here referred to Europe. The Cold War, the problem area between West and East, wars in the Middle East with active supply of weapons of all kinds, the demonisation of states with simultaneous armament – these topics are stripped of their mysticism and thus fed to a more detailed historical analysis. This still needs to be done in full.
The Cold War was a construction of the secret services of the West. By attempting to reconstruct the events that led to the murders of Barschel, Palme and Colby, Baab and Harkavy make a significant contribution to elucidating what is called “behind the scenes”. As a result, the political present gets a different taste – less illusions, but also more comprehensible and thus fundamentally changeable.    •

Baab, Patrik; Harkavy, Robert E. Im Spinnennetz der Geheimdienste  – Warum wurden Olof Palme, Uwe Barschel und William Colby ermordet? Frankfurt am Main 2017
(Translation Current Concerns)

“This book deals with the shadow warriors and their victims. It leads the reader into the forbidden zone of secret services, in which not only discreet spying, but also dirty work is done. We open a small window to the engine room of the Cold War and look to where it became a hot, dirty war.” (From the blurb)

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