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Federal Council reaching its limits in the negotiations with EU

RI. Switzerland’s current negotiations about an “institutional framework agreement with the EU” resemble an unsoli­cited deep bow with unforeseeable consequences. Without compelling need, the last decision on the vital matters should be consigned to a foreign court of a undemocratic construct.

EU is not democratic

It is official: the EU has no democra­tic structures. It never had, and it has not achieved this even after several decades. It is not democratic.
The EU is a supranational entity which deprives its democratic Member States of power and usurps more and more competences for itself. In the individual States of the EU now 80 percent of the laws are no longer decided by elected parliamentarians, but made in Brussels. A cold disempowerment of citizens.

Heavily subsidised debating room

The European Parliament itself is a highly-subsidised debating room – with all the amenities it needs to silence a conscience, but without any real power. The laws are worked out at a different location.
For decades, corruption scandals have been shaking the Brussels EU. Since years their finances have not been approved.
Only the public opinion has noticed less in recent years – thanks to better PR.

Jurisdiction beyond democratic legitimation from the base

It is known that in the European Court of Justice lawyers from different EU States such as Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, etc. decide about the internal affairs of other States in the EU, of which they do not know much about law and tradition. They administer justice according to the regulations and laws which originate from a huge bureaucratic machine.
The “institutional framework agreement with the EU” changes our State system and the self-determination of our country. The Brussels judges – who are appointed in whatever way – shall pass sentences without real knowledge of the country and people.
It is hardly understandable that some members of the Federal Council with their chief officials are pursuing the plan to join the undemocratic EU given the current developments because

  • the EU is bing about to disintegrate (Brexit),
  • fiscally, the EU is running on empty: Greece is immediately before bankruptcy. The public finances of Italy, Spain, Portugal and France will burst at the next interest rate increases,
  • the ECB prints euro without end. Inflation which will expropriate the citizens is foreseeable,
  • the EU’s military policy is on the way to lose its “peace dividend”. It is closely affiliated with NATO and takes part in operations in the Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan and other hot spots of the world’s conflicts. Their goal seems to be to operate power politics and to achieve economic interests by force of arms.

Are the Swiss tax billions not enough yet?

Should Switzerland be chained even closer to this project through its Federal Council?

  • Is it not it enough that we already pay tax billions for the “EU cohesion fund”?
  • Is it not enough that the will of the people is already disregarded in many ways in the EU’s interest?
  • Is it not it enough that we have insidiously assumed useless EU law for years?

Switzerland is not depending on the EU

Contrary to the impression spread by the Federal Council, Switzerland is not dependent on the EU:

  • We can operate our international research projects even cheaper than with the EU.
  • Our hydropower plants do not need the power of the EU wind power or the EU solar panels.
  • Economically, Switzerland is very diversified and must have no fear of French or German Government pressures.
  • We can manage seriously our and our customers’ funds, without spies from neighbouring countries who want to improve their national debt and are interested in our finances.

The negotiations with the EU must be negotiations between equal partners and not between a little schoolgirl and her taskmaster.
Demands to the EU
This undemocratic structure can never constitute a reference for our country. The Swiss EU Coordinator Pascale Baeriswyl should make the following minimum requirements to the EU:

  • The EU must become democratic.
  • Their citizens must be put back in their rights.
  • The businesses of the EU-Commission must be transparent.
  • The EU must act militarily and politically neutral. A possible army must be used only for defense.
  • The election of judges is carried out democratically.
  • Law must apply and may not be abo­lished by individual politicians.

Should the EU fulfill these – very low – demands, then negotiations with Switzerland on a possible closer cooperation could make sense.
Otherwise, it is to wish that the EU leadership does not ruin the population economically or transform Europe into a military battlefield.
The Bernese negotiating delegation has reached a decision level which exceeds its competencies to speak on behalf of the citizens. So back to field 1!     •

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