Respect the democratic rules!

Respect the democratic rules!

Media release of the Zurich committee “Lehrplan vors Volk!” from 15 March 2017

The Zurich initiative committee “Lehrplan vors Volk! (Referendum on Curriculum 21!)” notes with worry that the Education Department is organising a media conference on the introduction of Curriculum 21 on Friday, 17 March 2017, without indicating that the people of Zurich will decide in a vote about the authority for the decree of the curriculum. The committee once again calls on the Education Department to consider democratic practices.
It demonstrates a lack of understanding of democracy that the Education Department is working at full speed to prepare the definitive introduction of the disputed curriculum, although they know that the people have to decide in a vote who will definitely introduce the curriculum.
Accordingly biased arranged an information event will be held on Friday, 17 March 2017. The corresponding invitation does not mention that it is still pending whether the people would like to introduce the new curriculum in the Canton of Zurich.
If the initiative “Lehrplan vors Volk!” is accepted, Curriculum 21 must be submitted to the cantonal council for approval. Its decision is subject to the optional referendum. If the date of the referendum on the initiative are scheduled only after the introduction of Curriculum 21 so this must – in case of acceptance of the initiative by the people – subsequently be submitted to the cantonal parliament for approval and is subject to an optional referendum.
“This fact is deliberately ignored,” says Anita Borer, president of the initiative committee. “We are once again asking the Government Council to comply with democratic practices and await the outcome of the vote.”    •

The text of the referendum can be found at: <link http: die-initiative>
For questions regarding the initiative committee “Lehrplan vors Volk!”:
Anita Borer, Cantonal Councillor SVP, Representative Initiative Committee, Tel: +41 79 665 44 27
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