Letter to the editor

Poison gas in Syria

USA and UK want a regime change in Syria

This use of chemical weapons in the rebel-occupied city of Khan Shaykhun will do Assad the most harm, whether the regime is responsible for it or not. Certainly the Syrian military knows this, too. It should be remembered that inspectors were in Syria and monitored the destruction of the poison gas and had the chemicals removed, as was the case in Iraq under Saddam?1
It should be remembered that a regime change operation was planned long before the Civil War in Syria. As US General Wesley Clark heard in the Pentagon a few weeks after the terror attacks of 11 September 2001, the US’s aim was to organise a regime change in seven countries in five years, starting with the bombing of Iraq, then it was said that Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and in the end  Iran would have their turn.2 Also the former Foreign Minister Roland Dumas said in a TV interview that the British had already prepared the war in Syria two years before the outbreak of the rebellion.3

Heinrich Frei

1    Prof Chossudovsky, Michel. The Syria Chemical Weapons Saga: The Staging of a US-Nato Sponsored Humanitarian Disaster, in: Global Research, April 06, 2017; <link http: www.globalresearch.ca thesyria-chemical-weapons-saga-the-staging-of-a-usnato-sponsored-humanitarian-disaster>www.globalresearch.ca/thesyria-chemical-weapons-saga-the-staging-of-a-usnato-sponsored-humanitarian-disaster/5315273
2    Seven Countries in Five Years, General Wesley Clark; <link https: www.youtube.com>www.youtube.com/watch
3     Dumas, Roland. The British prepared for war in Syria 2 years before the eruption of the crisis.<link https: external-link website:> www.youtube.com|watch

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