Warning shot or world war?

Warning shot or world war?

Willy Wimmer warns about great misery after US attack

Interview by Sputniknews with Willy Wimmer

“The United States has been striving for world dominance since 1990” as Willy Wimmer, former State Secretary in the Federal Defense Ministry and former Chairman of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, recalls. Therefore, the US attack on Syria does not surprise him. In the Sputniknews interview, he relies on prudent Russian reactions.

Sputniknews: Mr Wimmer, the US is attacking the Syrian military, who in turn combats the Islamic state (IS) in the country jointly with Russia. Are we on the verge of an international escalation?

Willy Wimmer: Yes, against the backdrop of the one-sided and unjustified action by the US, one must be of this opinion. Countries such as the United States, Great Britain and France, who started the war in Syria six years ago, do not comply with anything. They do not even comply with the UN Charter. Again they wage war in a well-known way. In conflicts inflicted by themselves. We know this at least since the war in Yugoslavia. When, if not now, there would be a need for a meeting between President Putin and US President Trump. After all, the mood is escalated here in this country. The people are similarly depressed, silent, tacitum and worried, as foreign observers have described about Germany before the outbreak of the Second World War. The people all over the world feel likewise because the Ramboesque action of the US president once again presents the world with a fait accompli ...

In any case, the Federal Government has, unsurprisingly, placed alongside Trump and welcomed the attack on the Syrian military. Do you think the Chancellor has nothing left to do? Or does she really stand behind this US intervention?

One must, of course, see that the Federal Government itself is in difficulties of explanation, concerning the German participation in the Syrian territory, which is also not justified under international law – eg, tornadoes of the German armed forces, having collected data on a later destroyed school. In my opinion, the Federal government is currently glad that one can blame with pointing finger the USA and keep oneself a little bit out of the discussion. On the other hand, it is odd that they now place themselves on the side of the US President whom they criticised a few hours earlier for his policy.

So you clearly say: The US attack was not legitimate. In your opinion, are there adequate international responses?

The Chinese stated very clearly that it is not tolerable at all that a state, especially not a NATO state, makes its chemical weapons suitable for daily use. The use of chemical weapons is like opening Pandora’s box. There is a red line, the Chinese have expressed that. In addition, those things are fabricated on their own. We have also seen the howling of the Western press concerning the supposed poison gas attack at Idlib. But much is staged. We are driven into conflicts for decades. We have been deceived so sufficiently by the Western media that today no one gives a dam for what ARD, ZDF, CNN, BBC and others say. One can assume that these media are volunteering for the lie.

Russia argues that Syrian terrorist groups are responsible for the toxic gas. Thus, the fronts between Russia and the West continue to harden. What does this mean for the peace process in Syria?

Of course nothing good. However, the current dramatic situation offers the opportunity for the Russian and US American heads of state to meet as soon as possible. For the worries of the people before a global war, before a Third World War, are justified. Many observers point out that our present disastrous situation is very reminiscent of the Cuban crisis. This makes it clear where we stand. You have to put an end to it! Now there is a good opportunity to appeal to reason.

After the spontaneous intervention of the US in Syria, does it really have to be assumed that US President Trump will also drive this line in other conflicts and that we can still expect US military solo actions?

We know that since the end of the Cold War, the US has been pursuing a new, consistent line: they are striving for global dominance. They say so openly. You need to look at the directives of US presidents, which allows these people to wage war. This is the same pattern that we saw in 1939. This makes it clear in what serious controversy we are. One can only look with deep respect at Moscow that has such a sensible president, and not such an unpredictable head of state as Trump. We can assume that US actions can make many countries feel provoked. This is a fact.

Finally, Mr Wimmer: Well, you have a critical look at political world events for a long time. Can the present situation be compared with the beginnings of the Iraq war in 2003?

I’m closer to 1939 than to the mendacious Iraq war in 2003. They are telling lies since 1990 with a vengeance. No difference whether it is against Iraq or against Yugoslavia. This is a pattern that we have seen since the port of Havana in 1898 and the explosion of the USS Maine in US foreign policy. These are the self-created false flag operations, which entitle them to attack others. So: Either we stop this, or we end up in misery! This is the inevitable consequence.     •

Source: <link https: de.sputniknews.com politik>de.sputniknews.com/politik/20170407315244651-us-angriff-wimmer/  of 7. 4. 2017; Interview Marcel Joppa

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