Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

North Korea and the USA: finally a to-get-together approach

In our daily newspaper of 13 June, North Korean President Kim Jong Un and the President of the United States of America Donald Trump commented the meeting with the words “little substance”, or, as the editorial section of the headline says, “Pure Declaration of Intent.” It seems to me to be totally inappropriate to play down this encounter as not so important. Rather, this meeting is of a very high quality, considering that after decades of hostility, recently accompanied by the most massive threats, a get-together finally took place.
In our world, where nuclear weapons, which have only existed for about 70 years in human history and are capable of destroying humanity many times over, this first step towards denuclearization in this region is a very valuable contribution to the human family.
Although a schedule with details is still lacking and people talk about a lack of substance and a mere declaration of intent, the importance of this meeting, considering the total tense world situation, can be judged as a very positive signal. Of course this is a start. The process of détente does not go by the “rough-and-ready” approach, but can only be promoted progressively on both sides in the effort to do what is good for peace.
It would be nice if the example of Korea would also set an example in dealing with our European neighbor Russia, namely ending the NATO maneuvers at its border, lifting the sanctions and finally burying the bogeyman’s image.

Werner Voss, Wiehl (D)

(Translation Current Concerns)

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