The front against Russia is caving in

The front against Russia is caving in

by Professor Dr Eberhard Hamer

So far the US, with its satellites and the international agencies it controls, has been engaged in indirect warfare against Russia at all levels:

  • By means of financial sanctions, the world’s banks were forced to stop conducting financial business with Russia.
  • Through trade sanctions, all companies in the Western world were ordered, under penalty of punishment, to stop doing business with certain Russian companies and persons.
  • Even the companies involved in North Stream 2 were threatened with special fines.
  • Every quarter of a year, another field in which the Russians have allegedly violated human rights (Scripal) or sports laws (doping allegations), or destroyed people (plane crash Ukraine) or were illegally at war (Eastern Ukraine), came to the American mind. This has caused an intensifying media agitation against Russia in the whole world in recent years.
  • In addition, the US has brought anti-Russian agitators into decisive positions. These have gotten their organisations (for example, Stoltenberg the NATO) in a fighting mood against Russia. Or there are the two Russia haters Merkel/Maas campaining in Europe for military buildup against Russia (Euro sanctions, 6 billion to build roads for deployment against Russia, military buildup of Ukraine and the Baltic States against Russia) or propaganda offensives with fake charges against Russia.

Up to now, Russia-haters could always be sure that, in the pursuit of their policy of conflict and hate, they were acting in the American interest and with backing from there. For the Americans, Russia was the decisive obstacle

  • to enforcing their oil world power plans,
  • to preserving their dollar empire (despite Russia, China, Iran dropping the dollar),
  • to spreading American power to the East (Ukraine, Baltic States, Poland),
  • to the military conquest of the Black Sea (This is now obstructed by the annexation of the Crimea by the Russian Federation),
  • or to the conquest of Syria (because of the oil passthrough).

So the American struggle against Russia always took on new forms. With the help of NATO, Russia was surrounded by US rocket stations, which moved closer and closer to the Russian border. The Clinton clique even claimed that their surprise election defeat was owed to Russia only, and has since been agitating in the US against any contact with Russia – including contact by their own president.
In the US-dominated international organisations, care was taken to ensure that only enemies of Russia were promoted into leadership positions, while friends of Russia were excluded.
And those who scolded Russia most and loudest (Merkel, Maas, von der Leyen), could so far expect a preferential treatment by American presidents (for example, by Obama).
The American sanctions against their “allies” – or satellite states, the fines against our banks and industry as well as the endangerment of world peace by the United States terminating the treaty with Iran, the trade contracts, the environmental protection, have now baffled even the most loyal US courtiers such as Merkel, Juncker, Macron and May. Suddenly, no longer all good things come from the US, and no longer all US commands are good, but it is becoming apparent that they harm their own peoples. The new president no longer takes account of the interests and the humility of his followers, but upholds his American advantage instead. The phalanx of the US and its satellites is suddenly starting to waver. The first warners amongst the satellite states (Hungary, Italy, or Spain) are suddenly calling for better relations with Russia, because loyalty to the US is no longer worthwhile, and business with America is being destroyed by the US.
Only two days before the G-7 conference in Canada, Merkel had wanted to ingratiate herself with the president by vigorous Russia-baiting. She was, however, given a dressing-down at the conference, as were her colleagues, and cooperation with Russia was ordered as a new direction.
Apparently, Merkel-Maas have once again backed the wrong horse: the all-encompassing US surveillance of Germany and its economy, which Merkel accepted, is suddenly seen as a national danger; the sellout of German technology to China can no longer be justified by globalisation; the growing criminality of Merkel’s guests shows the downside of migration; the German economy is being harmed by Merkel’s Russia sanctions; and the American sanctions against us are becoming an existential problem for our industry.
Whether Merkel wants it or not, the demands to strive for a peaceful and harmonious relationship with Russia are being enforced by American behaviour.
Merkel has too often taken the wrong direction in the past three years, causing permanent damage to our people. She believed that she had to do so as the follower, or at the behest of, the American occupying power. But now the orders are different, she has uselessly sacrificed the interests of her country.
To reconcile itself with Russia has been the truly politically reasonable way for the US for a long time, and this will drive the anti-Russia fighters into a crisis and overturn the sanctions. Nato-Stoltenberg will retire soon; Juncker was the first to change his strategy; the new governments in Spain and Italy are no longer taking part in the boycott, the American President is setting a different political agenda, which Merkel can no longer credibly turn to at such short notice. Since the G-7 conference, the Merkel star is fading.     •

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