Donations for Kantha Bopha

Donations for Kantha Bopha

Thank you very much for the two very informative reports about Dr Beat Richner and his life‘s work in Current Concerns from 3 ctober and 16 October 2018. We, too, are convinced that his commitment and his model for successful and humane health care cannot be reported often enough. For all Current Concerns readers in Germany we would like to point out that since 2001 the Kantha Bopha e. V. in Erlangen has been a non-profit association. (IBAN DE84 7635 0000 0000 0030 45, BIC BYLADEM1ERH) The association supports the Kantha Bopha Foundation, Dr Beat Richner, by transferring all donations to Switzerland without deductions. All donors will receive a donation receipt.
Another major concern of the association is to make Kantha Bopha better known. We try to reach a broad public through lectures, action stands, the sale of commodity contributions at flea markets and working groups with pupils. We have a website for those interested. (

Elizabeth Erhard and Judith Latour for the association Kantha Bopha e.V., Erlangen

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