The NATO Wall

The NATO Wall

by Yvan Blot, France*

The Berlin Wall is a sad memory. For a “wall” to emerge, the following conditions must be there at least on one side of the wall:

  1. A “hard” ideology determined by oligarchs in the belief of being scientific or of absolutistic logic (human rights = a new dogmatic religion). This is incompatible with freedom. They emphasise on so-called values of which Heidegger says that they are an insult to being. In the name of values they attack the being of nations.
  2. A willingness to attack dissenters with sanctions and to disregard democratic positions. This is incompatible with democratic sovereignty.
  3. A military and police instrument to apply these dictatorial principles.

NATO fulfils these three criteria. Originally NATO was based on an anti-communist treaty, today it is about defending “Western values” corresponding to a hard fossilised ideology.
Thus, in a great historical paradox, a new type of USSR has emerged, however based on the ideological dictatorship of a market economy dominated by oligarchs.
The European Union is the political-economic version of this oligarchic system, denying the interests of the peoples and wants to suppress their voice.
The EU Commission is a kind of supreme bureaucratic Soviet, without any popular control being similar to the Metternich Holy Alliance of 1815: anything but democratic (but overthrown by the revolutions of 1830 and 1848).
The EU Parliament elected by the oligarchic parties is an uncompromising ideological Soviet.
The result is the creation of a “wall” from Estonia to the Black Sea, between the NATO countries on one side and Russia and Belarus on the other. Ukraine is balancing between the two because they do not dare to admit it to NATO for fear of Russian defensive reactions. The Russians and Belorussians are carrying out military manoeuvres against a virtual attacker from the West: Zapad manoeuvre 2017.
On the other hand, the West sends troops mainly to the Baltic countries, to Poland and Romania.
If you travel along this fault line, you will find that it takes hours to cross this border, and you drive along barbed wire fences like in the good old days. This new “Iron Curtain”, or better “Barbed Wire Curtain”, is being extended on both sides.
NATO claims to be defensive but uses aggressive ideological rhetoric and anti-Russian propaganda. It wants to create the same situation in Russia and Belarus as in the Ukraine. Ukraine is ruined. The Gross National Product per head is equal to one third of Russia’s GNP! We must therefore stop believing that Russia is a continuation of the USSR. Who has the greatest ideological similarity with the USSR (plus the economic prosperity) is Western Europe.
In the US, Ms Clinton is the best representative of this new totalitarianism widespread among the ruling elites in their fight against Trump.
Russia has recently carried out huge military manoeuvres together with China (Vostok-2018). Should we really work towards a Russian-Chinese bloc of 1.6 billion people against Western Europe (0.4) and the USA (0.3)? In the long run this is stupid.
Just as the satellite countries of the past stagnated, Europe is gradually losing weight against the three blocs USA/Russia/China.
We must therefore oppose the deadly ideology justifying this new Berlin Wall and admit true freedom of movement with Western Europe. That is why in particular the anti-Russian sanctions must be abandoned. This would provide vital growth percentages for our common European future!    •

*    Yvan Blot was born in 1948 and died on 10 October 2018. He was a senior French civil servant, committed politician and author on historical, philosophical and political issues. He was also president of the association “Agir pour la démocratie directe”.

Source: <link http: le-mur-de-lotan> published on 26.10.2018

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