Austria is a democratic republic. Its law emanates from the people.

Austria is a democratic republic. Its law emanates from the people.

A new parliamentary citizens’ initiative

Since over 100 years, these first two sentences of the Austrian constitution which, until today, have not yet been realised, are seen as our responsibility. The exact words of this basic message of each democratic republic: “Austria is a democratic republic. Its law emanates from the people.” It is necessary, that the people itself continues to engage itself in this sense in order that it does not get overtaken. Take the challenge with us in taking a consultative referendum for the introduction of direct democracy according to the Swiss model even in Austria (see above). This legal instrument which, since 1989 has been put into effect in Austria, will not be touched in the case of a coalition pact so that the governing parties as well as naturally other parties of the parliament can vote for this challenge.
The result of the consultative referendum is, in contrast to the popular vote, not binding but has a great effect. This was seen by the only, consultative referendum which, up to now was decided and conducted by the parliament in 2013. The clear majority was for the maintenance of the compulsory military service (among which the Home and Environment Initiative assisted by a large distribution of pamphlets) which, neither the politicians, nor the “Kronen-Zeitung” (Austrian newspaper), which campaigned massively for their discontinuation, could ignore.
Therefore, we have decided to call upon a “parliamentary citizens’ initiative” with which the request of such a consultative referendum may be introduced to the parliament. The more citizens which sign this initiative, the stronger the natural effect! Let us show the politicians that we refuse to have our say incapacitated and let us fight for our freedom and the right to vote!

Continue being active with full power for direct democracy!

“Parliamentary Citizens’ initiatives” can be introduced from the initial-signer of the neutral Parliamentary Administration and not – as petitions – only through a party member. As such, it is secured that all signers cannot be associated with any party of the parliament. As initial-signer of the Initiative for the consultative referendum in direct democracy, Renate Zittmayr from Oberösterreich has already accepted, together with Helmut Schramm of Niederösterreich, taking on the function of speaker for the “parliamentary citizens’ initiative”. Both are independent and have been active in the utmost sense as volunteers for home and environment and especially for direct democracy.    •

More information under: Tel. 02242/70516, 0664/4251935, <link>, <link http:>, <link http:>

Source: Report of the Initiative: Home and Environment, In: Wegwarte. February 2018. <link http:>  <link>

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