Events of the cooperative Zeit-Fragen/Current Concerns on the Leipzig Book Fair

Events of the cooperative Zeit-Fragen/Current Concerns on the Leipzig Book Fair

At this year’s Leipzig Book Fair, “Zeit-Fragen” (Current Concerns) will be represented, as well. The booth is located in Hall 4, booth A102. In addition, Zeit-Fragen/Current Concerns, invites you to five events at the fair and one evening lecture with discussion in the context of “Leipzig Reads”.

Digitisation – a challenge for parents and school

Speakers: Urs Knoblauch (CH), Josef Nyari (D), Dr Manfred Strankmann (CH)

Many children and adolescents spend hours every day with digital media (smartphones, tablets or notebooks). Since October 2016, the public has known that teaching in German schools is to be “digitised” throughout the country. The German Minister of Education Wanka wants to provide 5 billion as start-up funding within the framework of a “Digital Pact #D”. It’s about lucrative business for globalised corporations. The real goal is not the sensible use of digital media by the teacher, but the automation of teaching.
With digital “learning” programmes, the aim is to replace the teacher and to control and permanently monitor the students while they are learning. Swiping and clicking on the smartphone and tablet would replace classroom learning for students with the teacher. Many parents and doctors, educators and teachers are alarmed about the negative effects on the development of children and adolescents. Studies show that the use of digital media in the classroom does not lead to better learning and can alienate young people from the real world and their fellow human beings. Nobody learns digitised! We always learn as persons with head, heart and hand.
The most important element of education is and remains the ability to deal with the real world. Equally important is the development and strengthening of basic human values, ethics and moral reason. How can our children learn to use digital media responsibly and how can they be empowered to manage their lives as responsible citizens according to their age and level of development? We would like to enter into a discussion with you about these questions.

Thursday, 15 March 2018, 2.00–3.00 pm

CCL (Congress Centrum Messe Leipzig), Mehrzweckfläche (multipurpose area) 2

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