Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

“Which humanity is represented?“

As supporter of Macronism and having grown up in the shadows of Sarkozyism, Jean-Michel Blanquer (Responses in Current Concerns No 5 from 27 February 2018, p. 9 [<link en numbers the-think-tanks-lodge-themselves-in-the-heart-of-the-state.html>www.zeit-fragen.ch/en/numbers/2018/3083/the-think-tanks-lodge-themselves-in-the-heart-of-the-state.html]) would in no way like to be categorised as political. Education is politically ‘neither right nor left’, he gladly emphasised. Through the rejection of dogmatism and political allowance, he would like to appear ideologically neutral. However, is this point not the beginning of a large contradiction, when one is at the same time motivated to bring education under the yoke of large international enterprises and to hold the sceptre of sacred neo-liberalism?
Under such conditions, is a free lesson without being formatted from the exterior possible? Which humanity, which understanding of economy, which experience will be represented when one wants to change people into economic robots? Is it not contradictory to maintain, one ‘educates’ the people while turning them into a compliant, easily manipulated instrument and pushes them into a rush of consumption in order to stimulate the economy? Solidarity and equality among people were never the goals of liberalism, which touches upon the theory of the ‘invisible hand’ of Adam Smith.
When the school becomes the main protagonist for the acceleration of the slave society of the economic world, then our civilisation will become the victim of the pursuit of profits.

Nicole Duprat, retired teacher, France

(Translation Current Concerns)

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