Letter to the Editor

True background to the European Union

Many thanks for your presentation of the Philippe de Villiers book in Current Concerns No 10 of 30 April 2019, titled “Europe’s founding fathers were in the hands of the Americans” (original title: “J’ai tiré sur le fil du mensonge et tout est venu”).
Immediately, when I heard about this book, I decided to read it. I thought it was going to be sold at the Geneva Book Fair in early May, but that was not the case! I found it in the Geneva bookstore Payot and since then, I read it. Reading the book was an impressive experience! I really think that it should be read by all candidates for the upcoming elections to the Federal Parliament. It highlights in an excellent way the complexity of the EU.
At first, I was in favour of the European Union. But over the years, the actions and behaviour of EU leaders and some member states have lost more and more sense. It seems to me that all the decisions that are made lead to more chaos. Why is Russia, which belongs geographically to Europe, not a member of the EU? It probably did not ask for inclusion and certainly was not invited. Since the beginning of the Greek crisis and before the Brexit controversy, I asked myself, if the EU will not dissolve someday. That’s why Brexit did not surprise me. The reasons for this decline are clearly shown in this book. It also explains the reasons why other countries want to stay.
Philippe de Villiers shows the different behaviour of the Eastern European and Western European member states. He corrects some misinformation circulating about some politicians. He explains how the free movement of people and the absence of genuine European borders have led to an explosion of migration, resulting in increasing xenophobia and an unprecedented humanitarian crisis worse than war: the senseless drowning of thousands of people in the Mediterranean Sea. I have often considered that Europe should have been built on the model of the Swiss Confederation. If this had happened, the situation would be very different. And if that did not happen, it was because the people who “built” Europe did not want it that way! Do you want to know the real facts about the European Union? Then read this book!

Françoise Conod, Carouge GE

(Translation Current Concerns)

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