Trump and the influence of neoconservative warmongers

Will Europe be able to establish its own independent system?

by André Archimbaud, strategy consultant, France

Trump’s alliance with the neoconservatives (a kind of “neo­trotskyists” who have been controlling the political, media, technological and bureaucratic levels of the “deep state” for about fifty years, the brain of the American empire) has apparently paid off. The last hearing of prosecutor Mueller before the House of Representatives backfired on his [Trump’s] opponents.
The powerful destruction machinery – set in motion against him by these very neoconservatives since 2016 – has gradually brought Trump back into line in international politics, apparently against his will. Bill Clinton had to “make war” in Serbia, George W. Bush in Iraq and Barack Obama in Libya. Donald Trump, surrounded by hawks, could not prevent them from setting up a large number of time bombs in Venezuela, Iran and the Baltic Sea.
The neoconservatives support him, just as the rope supports the hanged, feigning allegiance to his slogans “Make America great again” and “America first”. Because for them, the other powers are nothing but tumours that must be starved before they metastasize and overthrow the new order of the century. Hence the war of the 21st century over the worldwide control of energy and (cyber) high technologies.
In this context, Russians, Indians and Chinese are already organising themselves to jointly establish an independent (financial, monetary, legal, energetic, technological) system in order to protect them from all possible “extraterritorial” attacks of the empire. However, Europe (whose income is equivalent to that of the United States) submits itself like a banana republic, yielding its industrial jewels and paying outrageous fines to the US Treasury according to the pleasure of its geostrategic priorities. In short, instead of acting as the engine of Eurasia, it links its fate to that of the future Atlantis.
France is threatening the GAFA [Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon] by taxing its revenues instead of taking action against their Orwellian machinations. And Big Brother retaliates via Trump, who suggests a tax on French wines, that are – according to his statement – inferior to Californian wines. And he does so for good reason: the presidential and parliamentary elections are not far away, and the Californian vote is enormously important, especially when it comes to supporting the few republican parliamentarians still existing in this federal state dedicated to globalisation.
Anyway, Trump is on the way up: the Mueller hearing reminded Americans that Mueller, this respectable Republican and “hero of Vietnam”, had lent his honourable name and credibility to a command of lawyers, mainly former Clinton supporters, who themselves were supported by former US and Anglo-Saxon intelligence officials. And this strengthened the legitimacy of the new investigations by Justice Secretary Barr of the abuse of power by those who wanted to bring down Trump, and thus of the cause of this violent destabilization campaign. The Democrats are gradually splitting into the old neoconservative guards, who no longer really want to depose the president, and the young revolutionaries, who are obsessed with punishing the “prerogative of whites” as well as the state of Israel. The verbal brutality of Trump has the advantage of openness. The USA have no friends, but “allies”, i. e. vassals. During the Cold War, Europeans could still have believed that alliance and friendship were synonymous. Will Europe be able to establish its own independent system?    •

Source: from 28.7.2019

(Translation Current Concerns)

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