Military dispute as an opportunity

by Professor Dr Eberhard Hamer

The USA wants to force Germany to pay higher military contributions to the US-NATO (which both defense ministers immediately promised). Instead of around 36 billion euros, we are to spend 72 billion euros on purchasing military equipment in the USA. To exert pressure, the US President and his ambassador in Berlin threatened to relocate some of the 50,000 American soldiers and their helpers to Poland.
German Atlanticists nationwide were horror-struck. Only “Die Linke” (the Left) and the AfD signaled their agreement.

To what advantage are the American soldiers in Germany for us?

They have a dual function in Germany. Firstly, they are occupying troops, originally according to the occupation statute. This was extended by the 2+4 treaty, to secure American supremacy over Germany. Therefore they are also exterritorial, not subject to German laws or to any German command.
A second purpose was the military protection of Germany against a possible attack by the Eastern bloc. Whether this latter advantage still exists for Germany is controversial. All the (Western) bloc parties continue to assert the aggressiveness of Russia and Putin and thus to conjure up a constant military danger for Germany and for Europe. The AfD and the Left, on the other hand, do not see Putin as an aggressor, but vice versa, they see the USA as an aggressor against Russia, by means of eastward enlargement and armament and deployment in the East.
The Mittelstandsinstitut Niedersachsen (Mittelstand Institute of Lower Saxony) also points out that Germany is surrounded by peaceful neighbours and that there is also a corridor of peaceful neighbours (Poland, Hungary), to our East, so that even the military mismanagement of our last Defence Minister von der Leyen will not actually harm us. Our “Bundeswehr” would namely not at all be used for internal operations or for deployment at our own borders, but misused for foreign operations according to American or international orders. Actually we do not need a “Bundeswehr” at all, but instead a strong federal police, which would protect our borders and guarantee our domestic security. External security should be guaranteed by treaties and a policy of peace.
There is a reason why the Americans have concentrated their European troops above all in Germany. To wit, under the 2+4 agreement Germany has to pay for them, about 5 to 6 billion euros a year. Germany even has to pay for hospitals and wards as well as for espionage against Germany itself.
So if some of the US troops were to be withdrawn from Germany, it would at any rate be a financial relief to us.
But there would be another advantage: As is made clear by the behaviour of the USA regarding the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which is important to us, and by the permanent orders of the American ambassador as to how we should behave, the USA still regards us as a colony, and so directs us not only according to its wishes, but also for its benefit.
In our country, as in more than 100 other countries of the world, a strong occupation force, especially with nuclear weapons, is the backbone of American military and economic power. If this military power were reduced, the blackmail power of the occupying forces would also decrease.
The fact that we still have American occupying troops 70 years after the war is due to the USA refusal to conclude a peace treaty with us. To be sure, we are not at war, but we are in a state of war, a fact which our government must constantly take into account, but which the government and the media deliberately cover up.
In order to regain full sovereignty, we should therefore see the American threat of military withdrawal as an opportunity, and urge the Americans to redeploy their troops and finally conclude a peace treaty with us.    •
(Transation Current Concerns)

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