How “indispensable” is the “indispensable nation”?

Will the USA be capable of living in peace, or is there a threat of civil war?

by Willy Wimmer, former State Secretary at the German Ministry of Defense

One thing is certain. In the past, the furor with which the various groups in Washington are fighting each other was directed at pitching into the “enemies” all over the world. Under President Trump, the world seems to be taking a breather. Two questions arise here: How long will President Trump bear up? Is the world turning this breathing space to good account?
The evening news programmes of the British BBC can be consulted in order to form an opinion on both questions. For years now, it has been noticeable how London is discarding any form of restraint in commenting on events in another country. Unswayed by comprehensive reporting, these comments present Trump as the manifest bogeyman. For comparison, one should refer to the evening war coverage on the events in Hong Kong. The BBC is usually only known for this kind of reporting when it is about the next British war mission. Hong Kong and the salvos against Trump correspond to one and the same pattern. Full speed ahead amidships, – that seems to be the London slogan.
And yet Washington offers a cornucopia of messages that should be made public without fail. The endless story of Trump’s presidency makes it clear that this is true for both sides. There is no correlation between the self-proclaimed “democratic lighthouse” and the conflict before the 2016 election or the processes and procedures in Washington since then. Rather, these are reminiscent of an Afghan equestrian sport in which an animal carcass is “wiped out” beyond recognition by the participating riders. Lately, President Trump has been warning of a civil war. Signs of this go as far back as the nominations of both presidential candidates in the last presidential election. The fact that all aircraft carrier combat groups with their large number of combat aircraft were brought back to their American home ports on the election date in 2016 speaks volumes, as does the simultaneous return transport of heavy war material from the various theatres of war to the vicinity of American metropolises.
So who is surprised when American President Trump delivered a magnificent speech to the United Nations General Assembly on 25 October, and the European media pick out just only his harsh words about Iran? No mention of his remarks about the possible role of the United States in a future world of sovereign states, as unusual for an American President as they might be. His statement about the “future that belongs to the patriots” was packaged in a way that could also be used for the governmental displeasure against the AfD to forge ahead in Germany. And yet it is the decisive question for all of mankind whether the American president Trump will succeed in reforming his country’s domestic and foreign policy in such a way that the state will neither collapse nor inflict perpetual war on the world. One should not be afraid in Europe to see the migration movement in both Americas against this background. What image do we have of the future USA? For decades, we have been observing a verbal rearmament against the USA in “Spanish America”. The people of South America want the areas back that fell to the US in the 19th century, from Texas to California. To date, the arbitrary war policy first legitimised by the sinking of the “Maine” in the port of Havana has been intrinsically linked to the American “self-adulation” as the “indispensable nation”, to their proverbial self-empowerment to wage a permanent global war. Everyone can appreciate the extent of bigotry necessary to maintain this self-image. But beyond President Trump this picture starts to crash down like a house of cards, as the medium “Netflix” wants to make clear in a few weeks time, with a broadcast about the true rulers in the United States in the form not of “Skull and Bones” but of the “National Prayer Breakfast”. According to the author of the underlying book “The family” in his statement on CNN, at the time of its foundation in the thirties this was a “semi-fascist organisation”. The “superiority of the Anglo-Saxon race” is beginning to waver – not because modern ideas are breaking new ground worldwide. It’s not only in Washington that people are turning on each other. The world should hold on to itself in order not to fly down from the roller coaster set in motion by Washington.    •
(Translation Current Concerns)

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