Afghanistan – here, as well, full of NATO lies

by Willy Wimmer, former State Secretary in the German Ministry of Defense

On 9 December 2019 the “Washington Post” ran a great story, as the press calls it when you cause a political earthquake. For more than three years, the paper has done everything possible to obtain permission to print government documents in accordance with the “freedom of information act”. There are said to be about 2,000 documents in which one and the same thing is written:
1.    For years, American presidents from Bush to Obama to Trump have declared that the war on terror is won or about to be won.
2.    For years, those who use it to stall the public have known that statements of this kind are one thing: lies. According to a newspaper, a three-star general from the White House has been quoted that no one can justify the sacrifice of their own lives and the huge losses of the Afghan civilian population. And yet the war is not only continuing, but is being fought more intensively under President Trump with increased troops and bombing than at any time before.
All that remains of the “war on terror” is the increasing subjugation of its own population. And was this not even ultimately the real goal of the Taliban to IS created by the West and Arab states?          •
(Translation Current Concerns)

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