War is getting more likely – who will counteract this development?

War is getting more likely – who will counteract this development?

by Karl Müller

The risk of war is rising. But still the peace movement is weak. Some observations and fundamental considerations.

It needs to be repeated like the famous “ceterum censeo”: The confrontation between the NATO states on the one hand and Russia and China on the other hand is increasing. The presidency of Donald Trump has not changed this. Sometimes a glance at just one week is enough to see how bad things are.
The governments of the USA and then of Russia have abrogated the 1987 treaty between the USA and the Soviet Union on the destruction and prohibition of all land-based medium-range nuclear weapons (INF).
The German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen has visited Bundeswehr and NATO troops in Lithuania. The Germans are in command there. Von der Leyen justified the advance of the German and NATO soldiers with the statement: “We are reacting on Russia’s aggressive policy.” The Lithuanian city Rukla, where the German and NATO troops are deployed, is only 100 kilometres from the Russian border. The NATO has called its advance “Enhanced Forward Presence”.
Following the US, some EU governments, including the German government, have also acknowledged a non-elected Venezuelan politician as the country’s interim president, thus turning the escalation spiral even further. The goal is to overturn the country’s ruling president. It is quite obvious that this is not about Venezuela’s further development and not just about raw materials but also an attempt to smash the Venzuelan alliance with Russia and China.
On 6 February representatives of the current 29 member states have signed the Protocol of Accession for North Macedonia as 30th NATO member state. In order to push back Russia’s influence on the Balkans, as was officially stated.

“The level of conflict has reached a very dangerous point”

Die Bundeswehr, the magazine of the German Armed Forces Association – this is the professional association of the Bundeswehr soldiers – headlined on its February 2019 issue: “Security policy. The rifts are deepening”. And, finally: On 30 January in Beijing during a meeting of the five nuclear powers USA, Russia, China, United Kingdom and France, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stated: “With respect to international security, the situation has not stabilised and has even aggravated. The level of conflict has reached a very dangerous point.” …
… But unlike in the fall 1962, when during the Cuba crisis the world narrowly escaped a nuclear war, there are no responsible personalities to be found in the NATO states who recognise the gravity of the situation and take decisive countermeasures.

More oil is being added to the fire daily

On the contrary, more oil is being added to the fire daily. Those who want to counteract are attacked and slandered. The “Integrity Initiative” starting from Great Britain is an example (cf. Current Concerns No. 3 from 5 February 2019). Just read the leaked interim report of the German “branch manager” Hannes Adomeit to his British “agent handler” on the “German Cluster” of 3 October 2018 (https://edoc.site/-interim-report-pdf-free.html) and his dismissive characterisation of all forces in Germany championing better German-Russian relations. In Germany, where resistance to the NATO enemy stereotype is still the strongest, some opposition can be expected in the coming weeks and months.

The sinister role of the mass media

The mass media are playing a sinister role. They are in the vanguard of cheap propaganda. Thus on 4 February 2019 a Swiss daily ran the title “People are no longer afraid of Maduro. The Venezuelan regime is tottering as never before. Guaidó feels protected by the people.” The article contrasts Guaidó and Maduro: Guaidó as “hero of liberation” who “does not feel threatened by the people but protected” and not only is supported by the US president but “by the free world.” Maduro also had tried to mobilise his supporters – “what is left of them”, according to the newspaper. But: “In order to prevent the celebrations [of the 10th anniversary of Hugo Chávez’ assumption of office] from looking too poor, the claqueurs had to be hauled in busses.” What a contrast – just like in a theatre play: Here the shining hero of the NATO states, there the falling shady puppet of Russia and China.1
But not only private media are beating the drums of war. Also public broadcasting has said goodbye to objective reporting and balanced commenting. In Germany, for example, the Deutschlandfunk is leading the way.2

What’s the matter with our youth?

But our youth? Hasn’t it been the hope for peace and the peace movement? Many young people in Europe are on the streets again – during school hours, demonstrating against the climate politics of their governments. It is strange that these young people, whose motives may generally be good, are abusing their school hours and are well fostered by the mainstream media. Even the WEF in Davos was hearing them. What kind of alliance is forming here?
And why are these young people not also demonstrating for peace, against the increasing warmongering by the NATO states, against power and politics of the globalist imperialists, for a sovereign democratic and liberal state of law and for respect for the UN Charter? ... And for really good education?

Any idea what’s in the UN Charter?

Have they ever heard from their teachers what is written in the UN Charter? For example in Article 2, paragraph 4: “All [UN] Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.” Have the demonstrating pupils learned that Article 2 of the UN Charter is prohibiting interference in internal national affairs of states, that Article 1 calls for peaceful and equal relationships within the community of states and that Article 1 of the two legally binding International Covenants on Political and Cultural Rights of 1966 guarantees all peoples the right to self-determination?

“Immaturity” is no law of nature

It would probably be easy to win the pupils for the cause of peace. Just like for any human, the wish for peace would be most natural. One hundred years ago, after the end of World War I, the individual psychologist Alfred Adler wrote an article that is still worth reading: “Die andere Seite. Eine massenpsychologische Studie über die Schuld des Volkes [The other side. A mass psychological study on the people’s guilt]”.3 Adler was one of the few thinkers of his time who opposed the idea of a human aggression drive and who did not see war as founded in human nature. He wrote: “Who has seen and understood this gagged people that was driven to the slaughtering block will not tire of shouting into the world: This people was immature and was kept in immaturity with cunning and violence!” [Translation of all quotes: Current Concerns]
And, further down: “No! Who has lived among these people will acquit them from any guilt for the war. [...] It was pulled, kicked, driven to the slaughtering block. Nobody told them the truth. Its writers and reporters stood in awe of or were paid by the military power. Out of shame for its defilement it tried to rally under the flag of its oppressor. Out of shame for previous and current defilements it is still silent.”
Will this also be a description of our generation?
Mankind has progressed. The “immaturity” of the people 100 years ago is no law of nature. More than for flattery and bullying of power, humans are open for a free and equal relationship, for an exchange of information and opinions committed to a search for truth.
So, who will counteract?    •

1    Such hymns of praise on Juan Guaidó contradict research by authors such as Dan Cohen and Max Blumenthal. According to them, this politician can certainly be described as a kind of political criminal. See <link https: grayzoneproject.com the-making-of-juan-guaido-how-the-us-regime-change-laboratory-created-venezuelas-coup-leader external-link seite:>grayzoneproject.com/2019/01/29/the-making-of-juan-guaido-how-the-us-regime-change-laboratory-created-venezuelas-coup-leader/).
2    Thus again with a comment of 9 February 2019. Completely unproven it says there: „Putin has been escalating for years“, Russia is swinging the „nuclear club“, Russia is „aggressive“, Russia’s „threatening weapons“ are „long since there“, Russia’s „government has long been waging war ... With weapons in Ukraine, with other means in Europe, with poison in Salisbury“, etc.
3    The German text can be found i.a. in : Bruder-Bezzel, Almut (Ed.). Adler, Alfred. Society and Culture. Volume 7 of the Alfred Adler Studienausgabe, edited by Karl Heinz Witte, 2009, p. 120ff.

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