Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Introduction of the electronic health card (eGK) – unsafe health files

The electronic health card (eGK) is to be introduced across the board in Germany as of 2021. From this point on, the health insurance funds must provide each patient with an electronic patient file (ePA). This will make x-ray images, findings, emergency data, medication plans or laboratory data digitally accessible, for example, for treating physicians.
Imagine, with the help of the eGK you have all data on your chip, and thus patients and their physicians as well as health insurance companies and pharmacies would have a complete access to all the data. The insured person can also access the ePA with his smartphone. A private company is to develop a telematics infrastructure (TI) that enables the access of the eGK. Here, too, there is a risk of unauthorised access to sensitive files.
Many citizens are not yet aware of the consequences of introducing the eGK. It can come to a multiple abuse by hackers or professional attackers. The Chaos-Computer-Club has already pointed out that the problem with better passwords will not be solved, the system is “perforated”! The problem of liability arises at this point.
90% of the citizens who are subject to social security contributions – health insurance being an essential part of this – are affected. The interests of patients must be safeguarded and protected. Not those of the “actors” who are scrambling to set technical standards. Private insurance companies are also considering creating such a system.
The “attackers” will always keep trying. After all, these are very important and confidential data. How about politicians setting a “good example” and filling their personal ePAs with sensitive data?
In view of the billions in expenditure the assertion that citizens only have to provide their data on a voluntary basis is nothing more than an appeasement to avoid protests.
There is too much justified criticism about the introduction of the eGK. Many physicians argue that the current system should stand by and that important health information should be stored in paper form.

Jörg Sieg, Gottmadingen (DE)

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