The observance of the law on peace would be responsible

The observance of the law on peace would be responsible

by Professor Dr Eberhard Hamer, Hanover*

74 years after the end of the Second World War, the victorious powers USA and Great Britain have still stationed troops in Germany, and Germany still has to pay the cost of these troops and even the former occupying powers’ non-military activities, such as the total espionage carried out by the NSA.
Germany is still a kind of colony with German colonial administrators; our media, our political class and our government are still being controlled by Anglo-Saxons – not necessarily by the current governments of the USA and Great Britain, but by very powerful long-term forces in those countries.
It has now been 30 years since the Soviet occupation ended in the GDR and West Germany took over the GDR. Today there is no country at Germany’s borders that shows a warlike or threatening manner.
Why did the troops of USA and Great Britain not follow the example of the Soviet troops and withdraw also?
Germany became formally sovereign in 1990 with the Two-Plus-Four Treaty. Nevertheless, the Western victorious powers still have special rights, for example

  • that troops remain stationed in Germany – even with nuclear weapons,
  • that members of these troops are still subject to extraterritorial justice, i.e. not German justice,
  • that the USA may continue total espionage of the overall German telecommunications
  • and that Germany must continue to pay the occupying troops’ costs, including those for buildings or the like.

After German reunification, the Soviet Union’s dreams of world power burst, but those of the Americans grew. And since then the latter have pursued – and are still pursuing – the policy of “the only world power”, which, according to Brzezinski’s plans, was to dominate Europe by keeping its central power – Germany – under control. In this way, European politics, its economy and its financial industry are to be kept under American dominance.
All previous US presidents left no doubt about this US claim to supremacy over Germany. But for some years now criticism of the USA has been growing even in Germany. So the following questions are becoming ever more audible:

  • whether it is in our interest that our politicians (Merkel, Maas) and the media loyal to the government constantly stir up hatred against Russia instead of holding back their American friends,
  • why we participate in Nato’s war games against Russia (deployment to the east of tanks, missiles and manoeuvres)
  • and why we are doubling our arms purchases in the USA, according to American orders, even though no enemy threatens us in Europe.

No repetition of stirring up of hatred against Russia
75 years after war and defeat we should avoid all war songs, war games and hostile conflicts, and in particular we should not again stir up hatred against Russia, which might then break out uncontrollably into another war. Has our present generation learnt nothing from the Second World War, or is all this a result of fake vassal loyalty to fake friends?
We must surely know that the flare-up of any military conflict between East and West would turn Germany back into a battlefield.
We Germans, in particular, should therefore ensure that the Russia-baiting induced by Nato and media from across the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the reckless concentration of troops in the East, do not become an uncontrolled source of fire.
In Europe, nobody wants war and the majority wants to live in peace, not only with the USA, but also with Russia. No one should have more reason to struggle for peace than the Germans.
That is why we need a new order of peace for Europe which

  • will make Nato function as a defensive alliance again instead of as the spearhead against Russia,
  • will force British and US-troops to withdraw from Germany, just as the Russian troops have already done,
  • will end the economic and financial war of sanctions against Russia and replace it with a policy of adjustment
  • and will reopen free access to the Russian market for our economy, to replace the US and foreign markets lost through Trump’s protection and sanctions policy.

Germany can only thrive as a middle power in Europe if we maintain peace both with the East and the West.
We should declare 2020 – 75 years after the last world war – a year of peace!•

*    Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer is founder of the “Mittelstandsinstitut Hannover” as well as author and publisher of numerous books, including “Was tun, wenn der Crash kommt? Wie sichere ich mein Vermögen oder Unternehmen?” (“What should we do when the crash comes? How do I secure my assets or business?”), 10th edition 2008, and “Visionen 2050. Wohin steuern wir? Trends und Prognosen für Deutschland und Europa”, 2016 (“Visions 2050. Where are we heading? Trends and forecasts for Germany and Europe”).
(Translation Current Concerns)

The economic war between USA and Germany is culminating over Nord Stream 2

eh. The US economic war against the German economy, which has been going on for years, began with new attacks right at the beginning of this year:

  1. The US ambassador in Berlin threatened the companies building the Nord Stream 2 oil pipeline between Germany and Russia through the Baltic Sea with special sanctions. And he even did so in writing!
  2. Shortly before, the US Senate, the US Government and NATO had called for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to be prevented “by all means”.
  3. At the end of last year, the German federal government was given several ultimatums by President Donald Trump to stop the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Like his ambassador, the US president did not baulk at explaining the real reasons for his opposition to Nord Stream 2: This would hinder the sale of American oil to Europe, since this is more expensive by one third.
It is true that the German government has made half a billion available in response to this blackmail, in order to enable liquid gas trading with Germany through the construction of a terminal for the purchase of US liquid gas. However, the Americans know that they cannot compete with the prices in Europe and therefore want to use force to prevent any cheaper supply from Russia.
This economic battle over Nord Stream 2 is the culmination of a long-running economic war between the USA and Germany. The US sees Germany as the economic backbone of EU and euro zone, whose economic power runs counter to the US plans for economic world domination.
The US measures are based on total espionage of Germany. The Snowden revelations have publicly uncovered how the US secret services tap and store every e-mail, every page call on the Internet, every telephone call and every industrial computer and have them automatically scanned and sorted by spyware installed in Germany.
Even the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) is obliged to exchange all messages and to pass on even personal data to the NSA. All German data are subject to suspicion-independent monitoring and retainment; they are searched for the NSA by US organisations such as PRISM, Tempora and XKeyscore and further processed jointly with the CIA and other authorities. Then the NSA relinquishes such illegal data to interested US companies, and it also mobilises the US Department of Justice and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) whenever their investigations show any dollar payment “suitable” to damage German competition on the world market by fining them billions.
So far, Deutsche Bank has been fined about $12 billion, Volkswagen more than $10 billion, and German corporations overall more than $30 billion. In addition, wherever German patents and know-how offers were superior to American ones, they were opened up to American competitors, and the government blackmailed foreign customers to award their contracts to US companies. Edward Snowden has described this in detail.
Already in the conflict between Boeing and Airbus, our government and the European officials exercised remarcable restraint when faced with US blackmail, instead of protesting or making the blackmail public. In the new battle for Nord Stream 2 the behaviour of European and German politicians is ambivalent: Angela Merkel has tried to reduce the resistance of Ukraine and Poland to the transit of Russian oil by making high compensation payments to them.
The Eurocrats don’t actually want the oil line, because Poland is against it and because US high finance is trying to bludgeon US-dependent EU politicians and organisations into rejecting it. We will see what happens after the recent agreement of the EU governments to make Nord Stream 2 possible after all.
The economic war between the US and the EU will be decided in the battle of Nord Stream 2. If this were won by Europe, it would gain more and longer term independence from the US.
(Translation Current Concerns)

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