The observance of the peace is imperative and responsible

The observance of the peace is imperative and responsible

by Willy Wimmer, former State Secretary in the German Ministry of Defence*

For years now, the currently appointed members of the German Federal Government, headed by the Federal Chancellor, have been prating at every appropriate or inappropriate opportunity about their opinion that, in view of the recognisable weakness of the United States, Germany would have to assume “more and greater responsibility” in the world – despite the world situation most infamously brought about by the West since the German reunification. At the annual war drivers’ Conference in Munich in mid-February, this was, together with the blue EU sweaters worn, still the main motto on which the war drummers in question were able to agree.
And why not? Let us assume German responsibility for the world! This goal was already established in the German Constitution, which will be seventy years old this year. One can already imagine hearing the speeches which will be poured out over the German people by the usual state speakers on that day.

Contribute to peace in the world?

One can already make a bet on one thing now: not a word will be said about the German people’s responsibility to contribute to peace in the world in their own special way. What is the reason for this silence? Well, ever since the brutal attack on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia by NATO in the midst of peace, the then German Federal Government has made clear that it is no longer prepared to strictly obey its own constitution. “Nato orders – we follow” was from then on the shameful and historically charged leitmotif for that reunited Germany, which owed its state unity to the peaceful reconciliation among the peoples and to the Charter of the United Nations.

Abuse of history and disregard for international law

More and more commemorative speeches are being made which use the horrific events of recent German history only to misuse and exploit the horrors of the past for new wars, against the will of the German people. Where is the Federal President or the president of the Federal Constitutional Court who, with top German political responsibility, has stood or will stand up for the ban on German participation in wars of aggression? According to the Charter of the United Nations, wars of aggression are all those wars which do not have a clear mandate from the United Nations. But since the spring of 1999, and the hail of NATO bombs on Belgrade, to this day, the respective federal governments have done everything to eliminate the Charter of the United Nations because the United States was and is no longer interested in this Charter because of its plans for world power. “Right is what benefits the United States” – the analogous demand by Henry Kissinger, which could be read in the important German newspapers of the 1990s, is still being implemented consistently and with German participation today. What, Dr Merkel, is the difference between this and a policy of the past, from which one should not set oneself apart only in speeches, but in reality and in political action?
As yet, German “Responsibility” means supporting the warring powers
The officials talk a lot about German responsibility and the assumption of burdens in this world, but in truth they only mean helping the more and more weakening warring powers, such as the USA, Great Britain and France, by making more and more German soldiers and German money available to these states for their non-UN Charter wars. A prime example is the enormous increase in the German military budget, not because of corresponding debates in the German Bundestag, but because of the transfer of German state responsibility to the American president. The citizens of the Reich are upset that Germany is seen not as a state, but as a “company”. Yet the befuddlement of the Federal Government in the matter of the Bundestag decision power over military employments as well as the enormous rates of increase for the military budget make clear, how our government is ready to hand over its own responsibility to be left on the hangers in the Nato – and thus the US – wardrobes. No self-respecting company would act in this way.

The German people adheres to the Constitution and its peace commandment

No, the overwhelming majority of the German people want the Federal Government to observe the constitution with its prohibition of any war of aggression and its commandment to preserve peace and to observe the rules of international law in accordance with the military act, and its demand that Germany only participate in those international organisations that meet these objectives. Our Basic Law can only be complied with if responsibility is assumed in accordance with the Constitution, and not because the masters of state reconstruction lay this duty upon us. Are the Federal Government and the mainstream organisers not aware of the fact that the vast majority of Germans expect nothing more from the government than upholding of the law and respect for state institutions as laid down in the constitution?
Regarding the law and the safeguarding of the legal order, this federal government has made a “madhouse” of our country. If the German people do not restore the constitutional order, in accordance with the same, there will be no need to worry about “assuming German responsibility”. Then we are in foreign hands.
Our experiences dictate Germany’s immediate stand for the adoption of the peace commandment and the prohibition of wars of aggression as specified in German Basic Law, and an annual report on Constitution Day to the plenary session of the German “Bundestag” on the results of these efforts is imperative. This is what the “assumption of German responsibility” looks like – and nothing else.    •

* Willy Wimmer was a CDU (Christian Democrats) member of the “Bundestag” from 1976–2009, Secretary of State in the German Ministry of Defense from 1988–1992 and Vice-President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly from 1994–2000. He is co-author of the book “Die Wiederkehr der Hasardeure. Schattenstrategen, Kriegstreiber, stille Profiteure 1914 und heute” (“The Gamblers’ Return. Shadow strategists, warmongers, silent profiteers, 1914 and today”) together with Wolfgang Effenberger, 2014, and author of the books “Die Akte Moskau” (“The Moscow File”), 2016, and “Deutschland im Umbruch. Vom Diskurs zum Konkurs – eine Republik wird abgewickelt” (“Germany in Upheaval. From discourse to bankruptcy – a republic is being wound up”), 2018. On 30 January 2019 Willy Wimmer was awarded the Bautzener Friedenspreis (Bautzen Peace Prize.

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