Letters to the Editor

“My deepest respect to Daniele Ganser”

Werner Voß, Wiehl (Germany)

I would like to make a few comments on the report of the historian Tobias Salander, published in Current Concerns No. 13 from 23 June 2020.
    I too have read this excellent book with great interest. Mr Ganser has the special gift of mercilessly exposing the truly scandalous machinations of this empire. His language is so clear, concise and plausible that it leaves no doubt about the truth. He rolls out the inglorious history of the USA, starting with the first settlement on the east coast, where Jamestown was founded in 1607, and continues very thoroughly to the present day, as he has documented his historical analyses with 564 sources. These include materials from archives, which were often only released decades after certain key events such as the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 or 9/11 in 2001. Numerous quotations from Noam Chomsky, Jimmy Carter to Jürgen Rose, to name but a few, testify to his irrepressible will to work with diligence and energy for truth, justice and thus for world peace. Daniele Ganser combines this with an enormously high moral-ethical value, because he considers all people in the world as equal persons, as members of the human family. This since earliest history up to the present time.
    I personally, as a somewhat older person, have been able to experience Daniele Ganser once in Cologne (Germany) and once in Gummersbach (Germany) during his lectures. In the audience were mostly people in their mid-thirties and forties, which he was able to win over through his authentic, credible manner.
    For me, Daniele Ganser is a great personality, who has remained true to himself and to whom I pay my deepest respect, thanks to his courage, his blunt ruthlessness, who also does not shy away from confrontation with people of the mainstream.

(Translation Current Concern)

“The hand disinfectant, a Swiss invention”

Annelene Neuhaus, Cologne

In times of the Corona pandemic it is of great importance that for us humans courage and confidence remain preserved and that we live and act responsibly and calmly for ourselves and in the interest of the community.
    I feel strengthened in this attitude when I read Current Concerns. The newspaper seems indispensable to me right now. Again and again in recent months I feel uplifted while reading many an article that offers a constructive and humane outlook. As an example, I would like to highlight the article “The hand disinfectant, a Swiss invention” by Nicole Duprat in Current Concerns No.15 of 22 July 2020. Duprat reports on a book that her French compatriot Thierry Crouzot published about the Swiss epidemiologist Didier Pittet as early as 2014, but which has gained particular importance in the present time. It is not only highly interesting to learn what drove Pittet and the English pharmacist Griffith to develop the formula for a disinfectant at the Hôpital Universitaire de Genève. Equally significant is the fact that Pittet has donated his patent to the WHO, so that, as Nicole Duprat writes, “the product can be produced locally all over the world at a reasonable price”.
    The French author Crouzet, but also his publisher, has adopted this exemplary humane attitude, as Nicole Duprat tells us in detail.
    They have arranged for every reader of the book, which was also published in German in 2014 under the title “Die rettende Geste”, to make a solidarity contribution. For in the foreword of the book I can read: “With every book sold [of which there is a free version on the Internet, author‘s note] a doctor, a nurse, a paramedic or a member of an aid organisation in poor countries receives a bottle of antiseptic gel for hand disinfection”.
    I thank Nicole Duprat and Current Concerns for letting me know about this. I would like to give this moving and easy-to-read book as a present on several occasions and thus make a modest contribution to this humane initiative. Last but not least I can also support my local bookseller.

(Translation Current Concerns)

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