Letter to the Editor

The new hunting law - a shooting law?

We do not vote for a ready-made hunting law out of the retort. The referendum was seized againsta law of the government and parliament which was extensively discussed and then passed.
   If the new law would be passed, protection of endangered species, protection of animals and protection  of habitats would be improved and numerous ambiguities would be removed. The new law is progressive and good, perhaps even the best possible compromise,  finally cleaning up the long-standing differences.
   If the new law is rejected, the law from the eighties would still apply. Today we hunters hunt according to this law and would continue to hunt with it.
   Opponents call the new law simplistically a firing law. Ignoring the fact that it regulates – among other things – the co are carried out already today (by representatives of the cantons) and would be carried out as before in the event of a no vote. Only according to outdated and less clear rules.
   Unfortunately, the opponents keep silent about all further, significant improvements which the new law provides for the welfare of our wild animals, whether huntable or not, and the environment. This includes the designation of wildlife resting areas, the interconnection of habitats by means of game corridors, new rules on prevention and compensation of damage caused by game, uniform recognition of cantonal hunting examinations, introduction of lead-free ammunition, requirement of an annual proof of accurate aiming by any person entitled to hunt, obligation to search for animals injured through hunting or traffic and much more.
   By saying no to the new law, the development of animal populations and the way we (over)use their habitats today will remain unconsidered. Renewed discussions will continue to occupy the Federal Council and the Parliament. And all this weight on the back of our animal world and at the expense of us all as co-users of their habitats!

Beat Wolfer, Gräslikon

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