Baselland corrects its Curriculum 21

gl. In the canton of Baselland a new curriculum for English at senior grades has become effective. Subject matter and teaching subjects  for the school year were listed on only two pages in a concise and clear way. Only on the following pages there are elaborate descriptions of competences to be found, such as are common in Curriculum 21, very much to the great sorrow of many teachers.
  This procedure means a first and important step in the correction of Curriculum 21 with its thousands of  fragmented competences which is very unpopular with teachers.
  The Teachers’ Union Starke Volksschule beider Basel (i. e. Baselland and Baselstadt) had started an initiative “For curricula with a clearly defined subject matter and teaching subjects” in 2016, which was adopted by 84 % of the population in 2018. Since then the Public School Baselland Curriculum consists of two parts: a first part containing one to three pages for every subject and grade, the second one containing comprehensive descriptions of competences.
  It will take some time before this new curriculum will come into effect at all grades and for all subjects. Up to then the teachers’ association Starke Volksschule beider Basel and other organisations who had fought the introduction of Curriculum 21 from the start on reasonable grounds, will have to do a great job in order to correct the greatest blunders and achieve  the school authorities’ change of thinking in the long term.   •


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