Letter to the Editor

About the Covid-19 theme

Some additional thoughts related to the theme "Covid-19" during the second shutdown of part of the economic and social life. Regarding school lessons, the hygiene concepts with respect to obliging wearing a mask, distance rules, room ventilation etc. is being discussed and negotiated back and forth for months. It startles me each time I observe what goes on outside the school building. Here I see how teenagers in groups are without mask and required distance, standing so closely together. I believe that there is no awareness for the danger of infection and above all, the consequences which exist for these circles of friends. From all sides in the media, the talk is always about the so-called risk-groups, such as the elderly and those who have a previous illness. Now, as reported from the newspaper and television, I have read enough examples of healthy and relatively young people and how they, after becoming infected, suffer for moths from consequential damage to the lungs, the heart or the brain. It is impossible to forecast a full recovery.
  Aside from this, everyone, including the younger people, can potentially infect others. This demonstrates the need for solidarity with others, regardless if they are in family, among friends or just strangers. In the news there has been an increase of professional athletes such as football players being tested positive for corona which then give the impression of suggesting its harmlessness especially when they return after a few weeks to team training or to play in a compulsory game. From possible long-term damage, which ends their sports career and the health limits carried into the rest of their lives is remained unsaid. Therefore my appeal to the responsible teachers, school directors and other employees in the teaching field, to be more conscious regarding the dangers for the healthy, young people as well and to carry out their responsibility towards their fellow human beings.

Werner Voß, Wiehl (Germany)

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