US economic war against Germany

by Professor Dr Eberhard Hamer, “Mittelstandsinstitut Niedersachsen e.V.” (SME Institute Lower Saxony)

In the last five years, US courts have imposed penalty payments of over $ 50 billion on German banks and companies for a variety of reasons, and these have been paid. On top of this, the US has used arbitrary sanctions to drive German companies out of business with Iran and Russia, even though US companies are permitted to transact such business.
  The USA still wants to use sanctions to stop the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany and has repeatedly extended these sanctions, even to the port and to companies only indirectly involved in the construction. They want to use force to cut off German supplies from Russia, so as to cause harm not only to Russia but also to Germany.
  In addition, the entire German telecommunications sector has for decades been monitored by American nodal points and through total control on the part of the NSA; technical innovations of German companies, in particular, are filtered out and passed on to US competitors, not only stationary telecommunications, but also all mobile and digital communications.
  Were the government to take seriously its oath of office to work “for the good of the German people”, it would have reacted long ago. However, the Chancellor’s reaction to the wiretapping of her own mobile phone was: “That’s just the way it is!” the EU has already estimated the damage caused by American NSA espionage of communications at 50 billion per year – mostly in Germany.
  The previous blockade of our energy supply from Russia not only affects our economy, but will also affect our private households if energy becomes scarce, expensive and insecure in the future.
  The US measures against our economy and our supplies turn the government’s claim that the “USA is our ally” upside down.
  So the USA has not only decided on tough sanctions against China, Russia and Iran, but also against Germany. Although Germany is in a military alliance with the USA within NATO, there is in fact an economic war going on. And our military alliance is also becoming increasingly questionable because Germany has no enemies on its borders or in Europe, but has to pay constantly increasing arms contributions. As Defence Minister, Ursula von der Leyen has increased the cost of armaments payable to NATO from Euro 35 to 50 billion. The USA is demanding 70 billion, without saying what these are to be used for. And our government continues paying and does not react to constantly new economic attacks by the USA.
  A government representing German instead of US interests would have a number of options to counter US economic attacks:

  • Instead of lamenting US plans to reduce the number of US occupying troops in Germany, the German government should have encouraged the USA. After all, this would have reduced occupation costs and increased our independence.
  • From Germany’s point of view, there is no reason whatsoever to increase NATO costs. The German government should not have increased these costs without comment, but should have attached conditions to them, e.g. approval of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Even now, the Federal Government would still have the option to withhold NATO payments with reference to the ongoing gas pipeline blockade.
  • The German government should have long since taken steps to ensure that the digital networks are no longer concentrated via the USA but only in Europe, in order to reduce US espionage.
  • The Federal Government should not prevent Finance Minister Scholz from levying a financial transaction tax on the turnover of US digital companies in Germany. He who burdens every medium-sized company with the highest taxes in the world, even up to travel costs, must not leave the large US companies tax-free!
  • Also the German aggressive stance against Russia ordered by the USA is counterproductive. The US economic war against us and the coming collapse of the dollar empire will force us to look towards the East for a replacement for missing business in the West. Here, Ms Merkel and her two ankle-chomping friends Maas and Röttgen have allowed themselves to be futilely misused as a EU spearhead of hatred against Russia, thus perhaps causing long-term damage to our relationship with one of the most important world economies. How could Ms Merkel, of all people, pursue the continuation of US sanctions against Russia in Europe, when it was precisely the German economy that suffered the most damage and when we would be the ones benefiting most from the Russian market?

Germany must not be a warmonger and not a party to the war. We should finally have understood that we can only live happily and economically well in peace.
  But as the USA is also waging economic war against us, we must not remain inactive; we must offer resistance.  •

(Translation Current Concerns)

cc. Eberhard Hamer has been publishing, either as author or editor, for many decades muchread books on a variety of socio-political, while primarily focusing on economic and financial policy issues. The two books shown here are only a small selection: His volume “Visionen 2050” (ISBN 978-3-86445-332-8), published in 2016, presents the research results of various working groups. His “classic”, in which he was one of the few to predict the financial crisis of 2007/2008, is the book “Was tun, wenn der Crash kommt?” (What to do when the crash comes?), which was published in its 10th edition in 2008. (ISBN 978-3-7892-8261-4).

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