Open letter from Berlin to the Russian population

The major manoeuvre “Defender 2020” of the NATO states, with the participation of Germany and under the leadership of the USA, which is currently taking place on the western border of your country, is reason enough for us to send you this letter.

We see this gigantic war exercise as an irresponsible provocation that strains the relationship between our states and increases the already existing tensions.

75 years after the liberation of Europe from fascism and the victorious ending of the war, mainly by the Red Army, German soldiers are once again on the Russian border. At the same time, east of the manoeuvre line, the memories of Nazi crimes will be particularly present in people’s consciousness at the commemoration ceremonies and victory celebrations.

We are aware of the great sacrifices made by your people, the peoples of the Soviet Union in the fight against German fascism. We do not forget: 27 million citizens of the Soviet Union fell victim to the war of predatory and extermination of unimaginable cruelty started by fascist Germany.

It is therefore important for us to let you know that we reject war. We condemn military provocations like this manoeuvre on your country’s western border. We also oppose all recent attempts to falsify the history of the Second World War. We see this as an attempt to justify the aggressive policy against the Russian Federation.

In our city, but also everywhere in the country, especially along the transport routes made available for the manoeuvre, groups and initiatives are forming that network with each other. They are working to resist the manoeuvre and inform our fellow citizens about the confrontational policy of the NATO states.

We see Russia as our neighbour. We want to live in peace with you. That’s what we stand for.

Laura von Wimmersperg (for the Berlin alliance “Stop Defender 2020”)


(Translation Current Concerns)

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