Stop “Defender 2020” immediately!

In light of the suspicion of corona in the German Armed Forces near Cologne, in the Heinsberg district and other places, Dr Alexander S. Neu, MdB and Chairman of the Defence Committee for the parliamentary group Die Linke, demands the immediate cancellation of the manoeuvre “Defender 2020”.

“Defender must be stopped immediately. Even without the occurrence of the Covid-19 virus, the maneuvre is irresponsible from a peace policy point of view. But now the danger of a further spread of the corona epidemic is being added. Duisburg and Krefeld are in close proximity to the (suspected) cases that have now occurred. But exactly over these two cities military units are supposed to move, which will then reach the Baltic States.

It does not make any sense that on the one hand daycare centres, administrations and schools are closed, and on the other hand the military continues as before, although there is no need for it. In almost all major epidemics of the past, the military has played a major role in their spread. Containing the corona wave without restricting military movements is far more difficult.”        •

(Translation Current Concerns)



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