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China calls on the US to lift sanctions against Iran

gl. China calls on all countries involved to immediately lift sanctions against Iran. The country is doing everything possible to contain the Corona pandemic, said Geng Shuang, speaker of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sanctions against Iran are not only immoral and unilateral, they also hindered efforts by Iran, the United Nations and other organisations to fight the spread of the Corona virus.

China supports Iran with medical aids and provides experts at their disposal.

The UN also expressed support for Iran in its fight against the pandemic and asked its member countries to help the country.

Iran has extreme difficulty fighting the outbreak due to the sanctions imposed on it. According to official figures, 14,000 people are currently infected, of whom 853 died. Iran’s leadership acknowledged last Sunday [16 March] that it is no longer able to control the pandemic with its capabilities.    •

Source: on 17 March 2020

Russia supports Italy with protective equipment and specialists

Russia provides Italy with protective equipment, mobile healthcare stations and means for the large-scale disinfection of means of transport and areas in the fight against the Corona virus. This the Kremlin informed after a phone call between Russian President Putin and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The deliveries are said to take place with the help of aircraft from the space authority of the Russian Federation. Russia also plans to move eight mobile brigades to Italy with virologists and doctors on Sunday. How many helpers in total would be dispatched was unknown at the time.

According to official information, Russia itself has so far had comparatively few Corona virus cases - as of Saturday evening countrywide there were around 300. In preparation for a further spread, a new hospital is currently being built on the outskirts of Moscow, in which up to 500 people can receive medical care. •

Source: on 21 March 2020

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Cuba sends medical team to Italy

Cuba sent a team of doctors to Italy on Sunday to help Italian colleagues fight the Corona virus. The 52 doctors and nurses were to be deployed in Lombardy, the current focus of the Corona crisis, said the Ministry of Health in Havana. “We have received messages from volunteers who are ready to go anywhere to help in this global health situation,” said JorgeDelgado on Cuban state television, who heads the ministry’s medical cooperation. According to the Cuban authorities, the doctors in Lombardy will initially work for up to three months at the request of Italy. They have already dealt with crises like the Ebola epidemic and will join a group of Chinese doctors who are already working in a hospital in Bergamo. The medical staff from Cuba is part of the international Henry-Reeve-contingent, which the then head of state and government, Fidel Castro, founded in 2005 to help in crisis situations. In 2017 it was distinguished by the World Health Organization (WHO).  •

Source: on 22 March 2020

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