“Money rules the world” – …?

ds. Under the pressure of the coronavirus pandemic, a reflection has begun as to whether it really makes sense to let money rule the world.

No later than after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989/1990, profit became dogma in the West: Profit, profit, and profit again. Money was made and produced with money, which always only brought in money. The main thing was that the money was right: drugs, weapons, nonsensical rubbish, for which the need first had to be created with equally nonsensical advertising.

Industries were moved to countries where the goods with the greatest profit could be produced. At any sacrifice. Food sent halfway around the world brought more profit than that produced in one’ s own country. Headhunting skilled workers in low-wage countries was more profitable than training them oneself. Infrastructure and civil protection were neglected. Taking care of the latter promised too little profit.

And now this: Global trade has stalled. In the country, known worldwide for its pharmaceutical industry, raw materials for medicines are becoming scarce. There is a lack of protective clothing and masks. Deliveries are held back at the borders. Trained nursing staff is needed in the surrounding countries themselves. And, and, and, and...

Now a reflection has begun and we are challenged to develop “with reason and conscience” new forms of economic activity based on people’s needs.     •


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