School with a difference – “grandchildren school” in times of the coronavirus pandemic

dk. Grandmother Anne and her granddaughter Ronja from the German speaking part of Switzerland work two hours a day on the school material together on the computer. The idea came to them during a phone call together; Ronja’s father installed the technology for this. Ronja attends the third class and practices mathematics, German or sewing with her grandmother. With her help, Ronja has already sewn a skirt and is now planning to tailor a jacket, too. Anne appreciates this exchange; it benefits both of them and the two have regular and lively contact.
The grandmother can warmly recommend this project to other grandparents for imitation. It is presented on the website Instructions for installing the “Whereby” software are included. Telephone support is available for technical problems. The project manager of “grandchildren school”, Urs Baumann, sees an opportunity to continue the project after the epidemic, for example as support for children from vulnerable families by senior citizens.        •

Source: Aargauer Zeitung from 3 April 2020 and

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