Letter to the Editor

That one must be ashamed of being a German

I am incredibly happy about your newspaper. To be lied to is insulting and among other things, violates our basic right: “Human dignity shall be inviolable”. Especially when lies are used to manipulate the reasons for war.
  I have been living in a nursing home for one year. Here, many nations work peacefully together at a youthful age. These caregivers help us caretakers, despite a great lack of personnel, and keep the business afloat.
  One assistant comes from Nepal, three caregivers on our floor come from Russia, which is being hounded in such a way, that one must be ashamed of being a German. Gorbachev seems to be forgotten. I have friends in Novosibirsk, we met each other in the Trans-Siberian Railway. They were, during Gorbachev’s regime, our guests here for two weeks. I had been in Novosibirsk for two weeks in the university district of Akademgorodok. Travel by train through Kazakhstan to Alma Ata, a mountainous tour up to almost 3,000 meters above sea-level, near Alma Ata. Nowhere did I find hate, despite the destructive Second World War with about 27 million deaths. Not even in St. Petersburg, alias Leningrad. There is a controlled, highly unjust manipulation of the past, Holocaust on everyone’s lips, Russian suffering is mostly kept dead-silent. It looks to me as if, as “reparations”, we are obliged to participate in new injustices within the framework of NATO. In such a way, old injustice is given birth to new injustice. Germany and France are a stroke of luck, the “chain” has been broken.

Ernst Udo Kaufmann, Müllheim (near Freiburg i. Br.)

(Translation Current Concerns)

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