German-American “Washington Declaration”

km. German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the USA shortly before the end of her term on 15 July 2021, received an honorary doctorate from Johns Hopkins University and was also received by US President Joe Biden. It is not known what the two discussed in concrete terms, but they presented a “Washington Declaration” to the public.1 The text is around four pages long, is only specific at one point – a German-American Futures Forum (“US-German Futures Forum”) has been set up – and is otherwise written with the familiar formulas that allow one’s own actions to be summarised under the heading “We are the good guys”. The leadership claim of both governments is particularly emphasised: “We recognise our responsibility to lead in the development of global solutions to shared challenges.”
  When the very next sentence reads, “Our citizens’ lives are subject to disruption by a range of international forces that demand a collective response.” Then it becomes clear that it is not about the world community as a whole working together, but about “jointly” fighting the “bad guys”. These are not specifically named, but they are not difficult to guess. One should also read the detailed analysis of the Russian foreign minister, which Current Concerns documented in its No. 16 of 21 July.
  A few days after the Chancellor’s visit to the USA, an “agreement” between the German and US governments on Nord Stream 2 was publicly announced. The pipeline “may” now be completed if Germany at the same time gives Ukraine a big helping hand. This also eliminates this small “disruptive factor” for the new Washington-Berlin axis.
  It is not known that Angela Merkel asked the citizens of her country for their opinion before her talks in Washington and before signing the “Washington Declaration”. What is known, however, is that the majority of Germans do not hold with the fight of the “good guys” against the “bad guys” today.  •


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