“No credibility”

On 7 March 2022 the plenary session of the European Parliament dealt with the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and discussed how to deal with the growing number of refugees from Ukraine. Clare Daly from Ireland took the floor and expressed her indignation at the prevailing double standards and hypocrisy.

“There is no doubt: we are living in times of catastrophic crises where the lives of innocent civilians are sacrificed in the wars of their masters. Yes, in Ukraine, but not only. Since the last plenary tens of thousands of Afghanis citizens have been forced to flee in search of food and safety. Five million children face famine and a painful death. A 500 per cent increase in child marriages and children being sold just so they can survive and not a mention of it, not here, not anywhere. No wall-to-wall tv coverage, no emergency humanitarian response. No special plenaries, not even a mention in this plenary. No Afghani delegation and no statements. My god! They must be wondering what makes their humanitarian crisis so unimportant. Is it the colour of their skin? Is it that they are not white, that they are not Europeans! That their problems come from a US gun from a US invasion? Is it, that the decision to rob their country’s wealth was taken by a despotic US President rather than a Russian one? And until we get on that page, we have no credibility whatsoever.”  •

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luuXoqtSPuk

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