The revolt of Italian Generals: “It’s not our war, let’s say no to the USA”

“Neutrality? I completely agree. And I believe that before we carry out threats from both sides to escalate the conflict in NATO, we must ensure that this conflict ends. And from this point of view, I do not see the commitment of anyone, on the contrary I see a whole series of arsonists who do the exact opposite. […]
  First of all, our country should do everything, and I don’t see it doing it, for the conflict to end. When I say do everything, I mean to agree with the other European countries, in particular France and Germany, on a common position vis-à-vis the warmongering countries led by the United States, so that they stop, so that they promote a truce and negotiations, even at the risk of disrupting relations with the United States.”

General Leonardo Tricarico, former Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force and current
President of the ICSA Foundation (Fondazione ICSA, Intelligence Culture and Strategic Analysis)

“So far Russia has not met with any NATO country, because Ukraine is not a member of the alliance, and even the hint of such a possibility only aggravates the spirits and reduces the chances of reconciliation, which I consider essential. I repeat: essential.”

General Marco Bertolini, retired general in the Italian army and now
head of the defense department of the Fratelli d’Italia

Source: VoxNews info of 27 April 2022 – The Paradise News

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