Letter to the Editor

The best prerequisite for stability is a balance of powers

This balance of power has long since ceased to exist after the fourth wave of NATO’s eastward expansion. Now the USA is once again expanding its involvement in Ukraine (military advisers, weapons, etc.). Russia’s most important demands are: a formal halt to NATO’s eastward expansion – incidentally, this was a verbal promise made by the then US President Bush when the Warsaw Pact was dissolved – and no further expansion of NATO’s military infrastructure (e.g., bases and weapons systems) on the former territory of the Soviet Union, an end to Western military aid to Ukraine and a ban on medium-range missiles in Europe. These demands are quite understandable. Ukraine as a neutral country would promote a balance of power.
  Austrian diplomats should commit themselves in this sense. Reminding the USA of its promise and taking a clear stand as Europeans against further militarisation of Europe is our task as a neutral country. A clear stance, even by a small country, can have an impact. Preventing a war sometimes requires courage and also to give voice to truths. Another personal word: A great role model for me is Bertha von Suttner – she stood up for peace without compromise and was by no means afraid to make herself unpopular. Perhaps a dose of independence would do us all good, including our politicians!

 Sylvia Stuckenberg, Vorarlberg (Austria)

(Translation Current Concerns)

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