Mexico’s President renews demand for Julian Assange’s release

gl. The Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, refused to participate at the summit meeting of North and South America in Los Angeles because the US Government did not invite three countries it did not like. His decision had met with large support throughout Latin America and the Caribbean which is seen as a sign that US influence in the region is waning. López Obrador instead agreed to a bi-lateral meeting with President Biden in July in the White House.
  At his morning press conference on 22 June, he announced that he would ask his American counterpart at that occasion, to release Julian Assange due to the disappointing decision by the British justice, to assent to his extradition. Assange, he said, is “the best journalist of our times”, who exposed the excesses of US interventionism. One must appeal to the freedom of expression. This is possible even if there is a hard core of groups who will oppose it. “Mexico opens its doors to Assange!” Regarding Assange, a video has been spread which shows the murder of journalists by US pilots in Iraq, one of the most serious cases the Australian made public in Wiki-Leaks. López Obrador asks the question: “The way this journalist was treated is a disgrace to the world. […] And what about freedom? Should we still keep speaking about democracy? Should we speak further about the protection of human rights? About freedom of expression?”
  He will discuss with Biden his proposal for a new kind of integration in the Americas, as well as the problems in other regions of the world.  •


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