Swiss Foreign Ministry: Incredible arrogance or total loss of reality?

by Christian Müller

With its decision to adopt the EU’s sanctions against Russia across-the-board (!), the current Swiss government has dramatically violated and perhaps even irretrievably destroyed Switzerland’s historically and politically consolidated neutrality. Geneva, the second most important UN location, will also increasingly lose its function as an international conference venue. And with the “Ukraine Recovery Conference” in Lugano, Switzerland has additionally confirmed that it no longer wants to adopt a neutral stance. Nevertheless, the Foreign Ministry has positively received Volodymyr Zelenski’s absurd idea that Switzerland should be deployed as a representative of Ukraine’s interests in Moscow and has in the meantime discussed it in detail with Kiev. But the receipt is already on the table: Russia is no longer interested in Switzerland’s alleged good offices.

Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis is known to be constantly on the lookout for “opportunities”. And apparently he considered Zelenski’s proposal to be such an “opportunity”. It is no coincidence that at the WEF in Davos he proposed to change Swiss neutrality into a “cooperative neutrality”: to remain neutral but to “cooperate” with one side of a conflict. And he received prominent praise for this, especially from the pro-NATO NZZ editor Georg Häsler, who is himself a colonel in the Swiss army.
  Since the end of February, Switzerland has adopted all the sanctions against Russia decided by the EU across the board, i.e. without any deviation or even clarification. In such a situation, how can one even hope to be accepted by Russia as a representative of Ukraine’s interests? Is this massive overconfidence on the part of our foreign minister? Or is it simply a total loss of reality? Or, once again, simply an “opportunity” that should be seized? The “no” from Moscow was anything but surprising.

More and more hatred of all Russians and
everything Russian is being promoted

The whole story is also quite embarrassing for the major Swiss media. They almost unanimously plead for a continuation of the war in Ukraine and against negotiations, but have prominently welcomed Ignazio Cassis’ plans – see, for example, the front page of the “Aargauer Zeitung” of 10 August 2022. And wherever authorities or organisations do something to fuel the already widespread Russophobia, there’s praise or at least polite silence. In St. Gallen, for example, the opera “The Maid of Orleans” by the Russian composer Tchaikovsky was cancelled for the festival and replaced by Verdi’s opera “Giovanna d’Arco”. Reason: A public performance of compositions by Tchaikovsky could not be expected of the Ukrainian refugees here to put up with this. Note: The Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky lived from 1840 to 1893  …
  And in Birmenstorf in the canton of Aargau, the now also traditional “Convoy to Remember”, where a good 700 historic war vehicles from all over Europe are gathering this weekend and 20,000 visitors are expected, has also been reprogrammed: In consultation with top representatives of the Swiss army, as one could read, it was decided to hold the event despite the war in Ukraine, but this time not to show any Russian tanks. About this the “Aargauer Zeitung” literally: “The ‘Convoy’ commemorates D-Day – the day in 1944 when the liberation of Europe by the Allies in World War II started, according to organisers.” The CH media newspapers, of which the “Aargauer Zeitung” is one, never miss an opportunity to claim that Europe was liberated by the Allies on D-Day in 1944, when anyone who has ever read a book knows that Hitler’s military decline began with the gigantic – and just lost! – battles of Stalingrad (1942/43) and Kursk (1943). The fact that at a “Convoy to Remember” – a parade in memory! – in which Russian tanks and vehicles of all things are not allowed to be displayed is a particularly disgusting decision on the part of the organisers – and this in consultation with the Swiss army!
  It is simply unbelievable: neutral Switzerland has become a vassal of the USA – Swiss banks, for example, comply with US sanctions against Cuba – and now also of the EU, which it never wanted to join. One can only be ashamed of the decisions of the Federal Council and the attitude of the major Swiss media.  •


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