Those who negotiate with the EU should know to what they are committing themselves

ds. Since the Federal Council broke off negotiations on the framework agreement with the EU, not a day goes by without the Swiss media making the relationship between Switzerland and the EU a topic of discussion. In the process, Switzerland and especially the Federal Council are often criticised, while the EU’s demands are given wide space without criticism. The tone is often obsequious. Instead of honestly informing, which would be their task, they engage in politics: they urge the Federal Council to act more quickly and warn that the EU could lose patience with Switzerland.
  In fact, however, Switzerland is being massively pressured and blackmailed by the EU’s demands and sanctions, and it would be time to educate the population about this and give them a realistic picture of this EU.

From the EEC to the EU with US support

The merger of Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg to form the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1957 was largely initiated by the USA and had a political goal from the beginning – the United States of Europe.
  Jean Monnet, who is considered the spiritual father of the European community, worked in the USA for 20 years in the financial and war economy. He maintained close contacts with the economic and political leadership of the USA, and his close friendship with the American Secretary of State John Forster Dulles made him the representative of American foreign policy in Europe.
  The USA did not want a free association of European countries, which would have preserved their sovereignty. And they got their way. (see Wüthrich, Werner. Economy and Direct Democracy in Switzerland, pp. 293; in German)

With the Juncker-Method …

“We decide something, float it in the room and wait a while to see what happens. If there is no big hue and cry and no uprisings because most people don’t understand what has been decided, then we continue – step by step, until there is no turning back." (Jean-Claude Juncker in “Der Spiegel” 52/1999)
  Exactly according to the Juncker method, the EU has developed into a bureaucratic juggernaut over the last 30 years, which is seizing more and more power and which no one can oversee, let alone control. More and more directives and regulations that have to be transposed into national law in the countries are made in Brussels.

… to the Nato-EU

With the war in Ukraine, the EU’s ties to the USA and NATO have reached a new level. The US has made the EU act against its own interests and implement the American sanctions against Russia; much to the delight of the American oil, gas and arms industries, which profit from the high prices and forced armament. It looks like EU policy has essentially become NATO policy controlled by the United States.
  The fact that Switzerland has adopted the EU sanctions against Russia, and that individual Federal Councillors are now even seeking a rapid rapprochement with the EU, is disconcerting, because the Federal Council and ultimately the citizens would have every reason to carefully weigh up which agreements they want to conclude with this NATO-EU.  •

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