“Deepest concern regarding the worsening of the global confrontation”

Belgrade Forum Appeal

The Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals expresses its deepest concern regarding the worsening of the global confrontation which is accompanied by a deep-seated economic and social crisis in Europe as well as worldwide. This crisis which is worsening on a daily basis, constitutes a threat to global life, peace and security.
  This concern is of critical significance given the fact that no meaningful and honest initiatives advocate turning from the track of confrontation to essential dialogue, diplomacy and detente.
  The lessons of history cannot be ignored. Such a state of inertia and lack of understanding of the unfolding dangers potentially affects the very foundation of humanities existence. The conflict in Ukraine has to be resolved by addressing to its roots. Peace efforts must not be obstructed, new iron curtains must be removed, unilateral sanctions have to be excluded from the international practice.
  Starting from the Serbia’s historical experience, including those from the recent past, the experiences of Europe, Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals makes an appeal to all peace associations, governments, as well as international organisations, particularly to the UN, to endorse dialogue, diplomacy and detente as the only possible path for preventing a global conflict that threatens the future of humanity. 
  We appeal for the immediate dialogue and diplomatic action at the highest levels between Washington, Moscow, Beijing and Brussels. The underlying focus can only be on “peaceful coexistence” between sovereign nations determined to prevent further worsening of the conflict which could lead to a World War III scenario, without exclude nuclear incinerations.
  Recognition of equality, interdependence and partnership in preserving peace, security and development, as indivisible civilisational values, is the only way for the survival and secure future of humanity.  •

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