«You can’t fool all the people all the time»

You cannot fool all the people all the time, the American Abraham Lincoln is supposed to have said.
  That the USA has expanded its power ruthlessly since its existence is palpably undisputed.
  The difference between the “West” and the rest of the world lies in the different assessment of this fact.
  This can be seen in the behaviour of governments that do not act in the interests of their peoples.
  The “Western world” sticks to the USA not out of friendship, but because and as long as its elites submit to this leadership and cannot escape its extortionate violence.
  In other words, this “alliance” – as it calls itself – is a latrocinium, a gang, because the law of the jungle applies.
  This shows a serious lack of democracy: as long as the official media – as the fourth power in the state – do not fulfil their task properly, there can be no question of informed consent by the citizens.
  Abraham Lincoln’s insight has long since become common knowledge.

Urs Graf

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