Letter to the Editor

Blackmail must be rejected without compromise

“No consent to a transfer of Swiss war material to Ukraine” – the Federal Republic of Germany has signed a treaty with Switzerland to this effect. Treaties are made for mutual security. When these could be so carelessly broken for such serious matters as participation in a war, such agreements are worthless from the start. And the respectability of Switzerland as a contractual partner goes down along with the creeping abandonment of neutrality.
  Neutrality and laws for security – primarily for us, Switzerland, ought not to be on the fluctuating market of political vanities. No matter to which elite the players belong. Anyone who allows himself to be blackmailed loses all respect from potential partners and opponents.
  In the article cited by Current Concerns (No. 24/25 of 22 November 2022), Theodor Winkler, “for many years as a high-ranking adviser in the military and foreign affairs department”, pleads for by no means being stingy in supporting Ukraine. The international community expected Switzerland to make “contributions of a dimension far in excess of the cohesion billion”. What Bern offers Ukraine will set “the tone that the West adopts towards Switzerland”.
  “Switzerland would have to signal its willingness to take the lead on selected strategic issues and to ensure a generous funding. Switzerland must signal that it is ready to accept responsibility!”
  This sheer cynicism can hardly be increased. This also includes the often-prominent statements that not taking part in the war is a failure to help.
  The “international community”, disguised in US-NATO-affiliated Germany, would like to have its morally very questionable policy backed by neutral Switzerland. The few sons of parents who probably belong to those who were directly affected by the Second World War, who now are in charge in the Federal Republic, do not seem to have the slightest moral barriers in their minds; 77 years after the end of the Second World War German weapons are again being used against Russia.
  The fact that the “Ukraine problem” will not be solved at all in this way, but only may lead to even more dangerous escalations seems to become a neglected topic. The war must be ended and not escalated.
  Blackmail must be uncompromisingly rejected and condemned. The “international community” would do well to follow the example of the armed, neutral state of law Switzerland.
  Are freedom and independence according to our federal constitution are sacrificed for participation in internationalist war adventures, these values are difficult to recapture and secure later. Let us keep our hands off and let us take untainted moral responsibility!

Group Giardino for a Credible Militia Army,
 Alexander Steinacher (Communication),
Hans Rickenbacher (President)

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