World Economic Forum (WEF) and famine and armament

by Heinrich Frei

The World Economic Forum (WEF) took place in Davos once again from 16 to 20 January 2023. The slogan was “Cooperation in a divided world”. Was famine, spreading in many regions of the world, part of the conversation at the WEF? Jakob Kern from the UN Global Nutrition Program has recently depicted the current situation. 350 million people are threatened by famine, that is 200 million more than three years ago. His organisation has 12 billion USD at its disposal in 2023, five years ago it had been 5 billion USD. But the Global Nutrition Program would need around 22 billion USD. Switzerland pays 100 million USD annually into the budget of Global Famine help.
  If one would compare these figures to the costs of the 36 F-35 US fighter jets which we want to acquire, it is not that much. According to the offer given in February 2021, these 36 jets would cost us 5,068 billion CHF, that is 141 million CHF a piece.
  If one looks at the remaining global armament expenses, those 22 billion USD needed by the Global Nutrition Program are also very little in comparison. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), the global armament expenses led up to 2,113 billion USD in 2021. This sum was divided among the following states in percentage terms: United States of America 38 %, China 14 %, India 3.6 %, United Kingdom 3.2 %, Russia 3.1 %, France 2.7 % and Germany 2.7 %. The Global Nutrition Program would need 22 billion USD. That is 96 times less than the global armament expenses of 2021. Germany spent 56 billion USD for armament and military, that is 2.5 times the 22 billion dollars the Global Nutrition Program would require.  •

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