Ban on mobile phones in Spanish schools

gl. The Education Administration of the Comunidad Autónoma in Valencia, a regional entity that corresponds to Swiss cantons or German federal states, announced a decree at the beginning of May banning the use of mobile phones in all public schools during the entire school day immediately. In kindergartens and primary schools, the mobile phone may not be used in general. Exceptions from the ban are singularly school assignments from the secondary school and above under the supervision by the teacher or through reasons defined by the school. Especially during the breaks, the mobile phone may not be used. The mobiles must be turned off before entering the school in the morning and may only be turned on after having left the building. The Administration wants to ensure that the pupils at least during the schooldays are free from their dependence on the mobile. In the last few months there has been made public through different studies and extreme individual cases, a shocking spread of sexual harassment, cyber-bullying, pornographic consumption and other disastrous influences on the lives of children and teens.
  Due to the growing concern among families, teachers and in society as a whole, the Spanish Minister of Education Pilar Alegría proposed in December 2023 that use of mobiles should be forbidden or severely restricted in schools. In federalist Spain, the regional administrations are responsible for education and have to come up with their own measures. In the meantime, almost all ministries of the individual regions have similarly enforced rules for mobile use; Valencia is one of the last to do so. In a few other regions, for example Basque country, the pupils can make up their own rules.  •

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