Letter to the Editor

The Pursuit of Unhappiness

In his book “The Situation Is Hopeless, But Not Serious: The Pursuit of Unhappiness” (1983), Paul Watzlawick describes the principle of ‘more of the same thing’:

  1. There is only one no-alternative solution, which, if it has not yet led to success, proves that we have not tried hard enough.
  2. The assumption that there is only this one solution must itself never be questioned.

In this way, we are getting more and more lost and falling into an ever-deeper downward spiral. At the moment, there is only one solution for the West in the Ukraine war: we have to supply weapons to defeat Russia. Because we have not yet achieved this goal, we have to supply even more weapons. There is also only one possible solution: Russia must not win the war.
  Only the USA has already achieved its goal: It has succeeded in letting others wage war against its enemy and at the same time enriching itself with deliveries of weapons and LNG. The incompetent German government, on the other hand, is allowing itself to be made to look silly by the USA and is sticking to the words of Mark Twain: “When we lost sight of the goal, we redoubled our efforts.” Unfortunately, this is also being supported by influential circles in Switzerland. The next ceremony of ‘more of the same thing’ was celebrated on the Bürgenstock. Federal Councillors Ignazio Cassis and Viola Amherd tried to be happy there as masters of ceremonies.

Peter Schweizer, Neuhausen

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