If Scholz allows himself to be blackmailed, we are at war

by Professor Dr Eberhard Hamer

Hardly anyone wants to be in Chancellor Scholz’s shoes right now. He is being insulted, not only by the opposition, but even more so by the warmongers in his own coalition, by NATO, the EU and the USA. As Scholz has repeatedly given in to the media pressure of these warmongers in the past – Leopard tanks, largest arms supplier, paying by far more to Ukraine than all the other European countries – Zelensky and his warmongering friends believe they can pressurize Scholz into deploying Taurus missiles with German soldiers in Ukraine. According to their way of thinking, their constant drumfire for Taurus deliveries should finally be successful.
  Putin already warned Scholz two years ago that crossing red lines of war involvement would automatically revive the state of war between Germany and Russia, as there was still no peace treaty. Scholz is aware of this danger and has so far steadfastly avoided it. Even though Baerbock recklessly announced that we are at war with Russia and that Russia must not win under any circumstances and must not be allowed to rise again even in the long term. There have been similar statements from von der Leyen/EU and Stoltenberg/NATO.
  The economic situation, on the other hand, looks very different. Ukraine is now living solely from donations from Germany, Europe and international financial organisations. As the USA has withdrawn from financing for the long haul, Europe is expected to continue financing the war on its own (Trump/Biden). In any case, due to the sanctions against Russia, the cancellation of Russian natural gas, the seizure of Russian assets and Russian bank accounts on the EU (ultimately USA) orders, we are in a declared economic war with Russia. Ukraine is economically broke, destroyed and bankrupt and cannot even survive a month without help.
  Putin sees the USA, not Ukraine, as the warlord and therefore wants to hold peace talks “not with the servant, but with the master”. However, the USA banned peace talks in March 2022 and again a few weeks ago. The war in Ukraine is therefore set to continue “until the last Ukrainian”.
  However, the military situation in Ukraine is desperate. More than half of the Ukrainian army has been killed or so badly injured that it is unfit for war. Replacements have to be procured through forced recruitment.
  Above all, however, corruption is flourishing in Ukraine concerning weapons. According to the CIA, more than half of the American weapons “have not arrived at the front”, but can be bought all over the world. The war has made the Ukrainian people poor, but it has made its oligarchs ever richer – including its autocratic president.
  However, the supply of weapons is not only faltering due to a lack of money and corruption, but also because the reserves of the NATO countries are exhausted. And when not only soldiers but also weapons are lacking at the front, retreat and the end of the war are inevitable.
  According to the American military, Ukraine has already lost the war. The Zelensky gang has its back against the wall, but continues to talk about the conquest of Crimea and “final victory” (we have heard that term before).
  In this desperate situation, the German air force is discussing how it can covertly deploy Taurus missiles with German soldiers in Ukraine and which targets should be hit with them. Scholz justifies himself by claiming that the British have also had troops deployed in Ukraine for a long time and are carrying out all its target coordination for Ukraine – especially against the Russian fleet in the Black Sea. And Macron is talking about the open deployment of French troops, albeit they have secretly been fighting in Ukraine for a long time. Incidentally, 80
 French were killed in a missile attack. Other NATO states are also directly or indirectly involved in Ukraine. The less Ukraine can fight itself, the more the Europeans are expected to and also want to go to war – driven by the arms lobbyists Strack-Zimmermann (FDP), Röttgen, Merz (CDU) and above all the Greens, although they once used to be pacifists.

The young generation
no longer knows what war means

The younger generation no longer knows that war only brings death and devastation. Not many of the German war generation, of those Germans who experienced war themselves, are still alive. They had sworn that war would never again emanate from German soil. The post-war generation and their parties, however, are risking another European war because “Ukraine must not lose” (Baerbock, Merz and others).
  The fact is, if Ukraine were to lose the war against Russia,

  • Anglo-Saxon world finance would suffer 300 to 400 billion losses of its assets in Ukraine,
  • the USA, as the loser of the war, would lose its position as a world power,
  • over 100 million German support payments would be lost (because they were gifts), and over 250 billion dollars would be lost by NATO in total,
  • the security architecture of Europe and the world would change decisively as a result
  • and Ukraine’s dreams of EU and NATO membership would be over for the time being.

However, Trump is also right in saying that a Russian victory in Ukraine would not be in the interests of the USA either, as it could cause Europe to drift away from US dominance. Trump’s promise that he will end the war on the first day after his presidency still stands.
  Ukraine’s military predicament, its economic bankruptcy, the rearmament problems of NATO and the USA as well as the rising costs of a further war and the maintenance of Ukraine in the face of a coming global recession, as well as growing resistance to war among the Russian population, are therefore forcing all sides towards a ceasefire as well as peace negotiations.
  This would only require the fanatical and corrupt Zelensky gang to be replaced – and it is already becoming apparent that this is ongoing.
  However, to this end no more escalations of war should be ignited by the NATO states (e. g., Taurus delivery).
  Ukraine is now in the same situation as Germany in the last world war. If we had ended the war earlier, there would have been a third less destruction and casualties. It is wiser to end a war in good time than to allow the defeat to become complete.
  So, when peace negotiations begin in the next few months, Scholz’s attitude of de-escalation will be confirmed against that of the warmongers. In the meantime, one can only wish: Scholz, stick to your guns!  •

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