No 29, 19 November 2015

“The EFTA Court” has nothing to do with EFTA
by Dr iur. Marianne WŁthrich
Say NO to the production and destruction of surplus embryos
Referendum against the amendment of the Reproductive Medicine Act (FMedG)
Letter to the editor
Hands off human beings!
World at a turning point: Heads of UN and Red Cross issue joint warning to the world community
Refugee crisis without a concept?
by Hermann Ploppa*
International conference in Vienna: 9-point plan for Syria
“Limiting the dynamics of the finance casino in Switzerland by means of direct democracy”
A transaction tax of 0.2 per cent would amount to 200 billion per year | Interview with Professor Marc Chesney
Cash ban – the way into the nanny state
Planned cash abolition leads to the deprivation of citizens’ rights
Building peace 2015
Opening address of Theo Dannecker art exhibition at welfare centre Hegau-West, Gottmadingen | by Dr Vera Ziroff Gut