Peace also requires truth

cc. On 29 January in Geneva, renewed peace talks on Syria began under the supervision of UN mediator Staffan de Mistura under most difficult circumstances. The UN Security Council had unanimously called for this in its Resolution 2254 on 18 December 2015. Aim of the negotiations in the coming weeks should be that the murders come to an end in this country that has been troubled for almost 5 years. Therefore a transitional government was to be installed and a new Constitution would be drafted, and finally, elections were to take place in the country. The Security Council  explicitly stated that Syria should be preserved as a state, and that the country’s future was solely a matter of the Syrians. Quite in contrast to what has happened in the past
5 years. Current Concerns has repeatedly provided background information, including that which has a different direction than that of the Western mainstream media. We are convinced that a sustainable peace process also includes the fullest and most objective information to the public.