Italian soldiers keep dying from “Balkan Syndrome”

ef. In 2006, the report of the the parliamentary investigatory commission was published, commissioned by the Italian Senate in 2004 to investigate deaths and serious diseases. From 1 August 1994 to 2006, 23 deaths due to tumor diseases became known among Italian military members who had participated in military missions in ex-Yugoslavia. 124 cases of tumor diseases were registered (cf. Zeit-Fragen No 22 of 29 May 2006).
Ten years later, Domenico Leggiero, former Italian pilot who is now president of the Osservatorio Militare, an association representing the victims and their relatives, noted: “To date [18 April 2016], 331 Italian soldiers have died and another 3,764 have developed cancer as a consequence of having been exposed do DU [Depleted Uranium].”
A documentation of the TV channel Arte on 4 April 2017 shows that and why the whole problematic around DU was concealed and covered up:; from 52.40 min.    •