No 2, 24 January 2017

“The system of neoliberal globalisation is falling apart”
Interview with Natacha Polony by Figarovox
2017 and the return of history
Germany is in dire need of an end to its blindness to history | by Willy Wimmer
German vassal services for US troops on their way to Eastern Europe
Interview by Sputniknews with Jochen Scholz*
Austria takes over the OSCE Chairmanship
by Stefan Haderer, cultural anthropologist and political scientist
The “new” Africa policy of the West and the Congo Kleptocracy without end?
Infinite Congo Troubles (Part 3) | by Peter Küpfer
Europe, USA and Russia – use the opportunity for détente
by Karl Müller
Simplified naturalisation of third-generation immigrants – unnecessary, bureaucratic and centralist
by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
Why does Switzerland bow down before Brussels?
Government propaganda and misinformation
Letter to the editor
What is the current energy-blackout-exercise about?